Allowing Ourselves To Be Fully Seen

Renee Mayne, Intuitive Dominatrix Internship, Somatic Kink,

I don’t set out to be trailblazer or someone who is leading the pack.

I’m more of a “Hey, how you doin’?” type of girl.

Like a… come jam with me, come play with me… let’s work it together girl.

I discovered a long time ago whether it be global brands, start ups, healers, spiritual guru’s or creative’s that there is a desire and a fantasy and we see the two as VERY different.

We think we want someone to give us the answers, but often they do and we don’t let them land… and we think it’s them, but it’s not it’s us.

Because we have come to our own awareness, conclusion and realisation in our own time. Everyone want’s reassurance that they’re doing OK, we have a human desire to be seen and heard… and that’s a beautiful thing.

The trouble is that we are also afraid of taking off all the masks and ALLOWING ourselves to be fully seen.

Your path can’t be revealed to you because it doesn’t exist, you create it piece-by-piece, moment-by-moment in the choices we make.

And we get to decide what that is.

When we stop pedestalling others we can reclaim our sovereignty.

Inside the Internship we work with the archetypes that have been shamed and suppressed yet running rampant in our lives, I do this because we get to reclaim them for their purest essence in the way God intended them to be, before we attached meaning to them that simply isn’t true.

When we do this we’re not swayed by life so much and we can hold ourselves no matter what is happening around us because we are unafraid on experiencing the full spectrum of life, because we don’t attach MEANING to it and label it as good or bad or right or wrong, there is no hierarchy to our emotions or feeling state.


We don’t head f*ck ourselves and we remain IN THE BODY.


This is where ALLLLLL the magick is and hedonism plays a very important role in that.


You see scientific research shows that hedonism is vital for a balanced life we NEED it. Our ability to feel pleasure in ALL moments gives us our biggest power, we can’t be controlled or control.


People are afraid of losing control or entering into extreme indulgence, but that’s a lie we’ve been fed and it’s not true. All it does is give us power to choose, nourish, honour and feel decadent.


I am not here to tell you how you should live your life and what you should do, I am here to show you how to have an in body experience and reclaim your full power and pleasure.


Not a show, not a performance, but the real frigging deal.



… So… How you doin’?







… The Internship is coming.