The Hedonistic Way Immersion, business retreat

This is an extraordinary 3 Day soul gathering where we incubate for an immersion of hedonistic transcendence.

Renée is an inspired hedonistic business and leadership alchemist. The creator of Bra Queen, The Hedonistic Way, the Hedonistic Business Jam’s and two warrior girls.

An avid writer, lover of spoken word, chronic over-sharer and modern day Disruptor.

The Hedonistic Way is exploring how we can utilise and embody self, sex, spirit and service to build our business and create the change we crave to make without selling our soul or conforming to generic business models. It is the fusion all things we use everyday to create life and enjoy the most practical, real, honest and potent life.

The embodiment of our sovereignty and the merge of the divine masculine and divine feminine, to create stereo un typical success and enjoy our business like it’s the most amazing orgasm we’ve ever had. Using our ability to allow, create and enjoy interconnection and the union of all things is the only way to birth anything and everything.


Transforming Self

  • Expand into who you really are.
  • Explore the visionary quadrants
  • Alignment grid
  • Create space in your body to hold this new energy.
  • An activation and set new touch points/ check in points within your body.
  • A compass whereby you have aligned and embodied values.
  • Discovering your unique and innate gifts.
  • Sacred agreements and declaration on implementing, becoming and expanding on this everyday.
  • Stepping into who you want to be and how you want to show up everyday.



Transforming Service

  • All inclusive embodiment and mergence of you, your gifts and your business.
  • Sales experience that honours, resembles and embraces that.
  • Client attraction activations and cue cards.
  • Magnetic message’s to your tribe that cuts through the noise finds them and speaks to them. Every word is a high vibration extension of you.
  • An entire orgasmic and unique business model that is an extension of who you are and how you want to serve.
  • Capturing the juiciest copy in the most fun and decedent way.
  • Core message nailed.
  • Divine action moving forward.



Tangible Transcendence.

  • A photo-shoot that captures this internal and external transformation.
  • Beautiful, powerful, visually stunning images that tell a soulful brand story that you can use in your marketing moving forward.

* Based on your own unique brand mood board created by a super talented designer, complete with color palette, fonts, sample images that are aligned and on brand.

This soul gathering will take place on the beautiful Great Ocean Road in the Apollo Bay area, around 2 ½ hours from Melbourne.


  • Accommodation.
  • All meals provided.
  • Customised Brand Mood Board.
  • Hair and make up for photo shoot
  • Photo-shoot and images for your own stock library.
  • All training material.
  • 1 x one on one session with me.

… The entire transcendence.


Date: 27th to 29th April 2018.


EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: Let's have a FREE consult about you experiencing this  extraordinary immersion.

*No hard sell, no BS, no qualifying round and no NLP manipulation, just a juicy hedonistic conversation!


Can't make the 3 Day Immersion? DON'T WORRY! Let's have a FREE consult about how you experience the one on one Hedonistic Immersion Transcendence.

Renee knows her stuff! Do not pass up this opportunity to hear what they have to say. You will reap the rewards and leave feeling empowered and inspired.

Sarah Gorliso, Spin Baby

This event has been so thought provoking right from the first moment. I fully recommend this to everyone who has a business, thinking of starting their own business or if you’ve been in business for a while and need to inject some new approaches. Thanks so much!

Ursula Bosoley , Le Reve

Renee Mayne has been an absolute godsend. I met her at a time when I was completely overwhelmed knowing in my heart what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be and with my head telling me what I thought I was supposed to do. Renee not only helped me to take a deep breath, listen to my heart and take that leap but she gave me a practical plan to help build my business and my brand to make me achieve all the things I never thought could be possible. Renee is there every step of the way not only as a mentor but as a friend. She is there to share the laughs, the tears, offer practical advice and offer her never ending positive support. I could not have asked for a more special, bright and positive person to share this journey with me.

Kath Keiper

I have loved working with Renee. She is dedicated, gifted and inspiring. I have been able to remould my business into a way that sits better with me and a business that I can be proud of which reflects who I am from the inside out. Thank you for everything Renee.

Debbi Rossi

You were a catalyst, and impetus for my personal and business development.  You advocated for me, with me. You introduced me to the best part of who I am.  I felt heard, I felt supported and I felt respected.

Lynell Rae

This bella has soul, love and so much heart! She gets creative, stays focused and is helping me to build a solid business foundation one block at a time. I love her enthusiasm, her guidance and her unwavering support.

She is my personal cheerleader when I’m up and my measuring stick for success when I am sometimes shaky – there encouraging, reminding and inspiring me to reach higher. My journey with Renee so far has included the enjoyment and benefit of:

  • 110% backing, belief and support in my business and capabilities

  • Tools to help create a solid foundation for my business

  • The steady flow of guidance and focus to help me push through when needed

  • Her generosity through the open two way sharing of contacts to help me progress forward

  • A gentle approach backed by a tireless desire to keep me connected with others she mentors so that we can all learn from each other

  • Regular connection with her in one one one’s, group webinar’s and lounge room chats

And possibly my most favourite of all

  • I love that she works from her heart space to gain alignment in all that she is doing in order to help me do what I am doing

It’s such a pleasure working with her!

Lynne Hailes