Five Pure, Potent & On Point Spiritual Realisations

Five Pure, Potent & On Point Spiritual Realisations (1)

Insecurity is masked by confidence, because we have spent so long being so diligent and focused on our energy… The constant surrender, letting go and questioning of our intentions, all the time. Seeking out healings, buying programs and doing every moon ritual you can get your hands on just to ensure we remain devoted and…

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What Are Sick Days REALLY Costing Australia?

What Are Sick Days Really Costing Australia from Renée Mayne Zealous Leadership Trainer and Fierce Happiness Seeker Australia’s most out of the box leadership, professional and personal development training programs.  

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Open Letter To The Universe.

I am both a student of the universe and the universe itself. I am.

In deep gratitude to the year of completion. As I bow at the feet of The All, source, spirit, the universe, god and the divine, it is with every inch of my being that I say, “OK, you win. I am to play, dance and sing.” It is from this space of realising that for…

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The Graceful Way To Fall Madly Head Over Heels In Love With Yourself

the truth about self love

We can’t go from self-loathing to self-love in one move. Just like the pendulum of life swings we can’t go from hot to cold in one swing, one move. The next move from where we are now is to be self-aware. What thoughts are floating through our mind and begin feel what is happening within…

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What if your dreams DON’T come true?

Scared of your dream NOT coming true-

What does that look like? That space of fear “I want this so bad and it would be gut wrenching if this dream didn’t come true.” can be crippling. That fear, will not go away until you at least explore that dream a little, that thought that has been floating around your head… at least…

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Longing to make a difference to world, yet you feel like you’re not being seen-

This is for the super connected, the one who wants to live your idea of paradise and you want to make a mark on the world. Hello. Your level of understanding runs deeps and your out of the box thinking is powerful, magical even. This level of understanding and connectedness makes you so powerful and…

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Startup Mistakes in Business


Birthing my business was the most electric and exciting time, every spare moment and many late nights were spent piecing it together and bringing it to life. As much as I believe that there are no mistakes and everything happens for a reason, there were definitely lessons that may help you avoid some of the…

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When Your Mind Is Screaming & Your Soul Is Crying


It’s in that space of is-ness that we bleed, and in that absolute vulnerability is a beautiful thing. As our body cries and mind screams “How dare you abuse your body in the way that you do.” The mind screams as it echo’s throughout our body about “How fat I am, how ugly I am,…

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8 Start-up Business Lessons

The 8 Start-up Business Lessons I Would Tell Myself If I Could Turn Back Time

In the beginning you followed the thread, the desire or the notion that you are supposed to be something else. In the beginning you were waiting for the right time and the right moment to start your business. … In the beginning I had this idea and gave up at the first hurdle, there was…

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3 Practical Ways To Embrace Self Acceptance

embrace self acceptance

Last week we spoke about the two words that changed how I moved through my days and I encouraged you to embrace these two words as well. Today is the next piece to the puzzle, before we delve into that delicious piece let’s recap on the art of self awareness and why we should embody…

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