Creating A New Line. {poem}

create a new line

New line. People say “Read between the lines.” I say, don’t read between the lines. There is a fine line in the sand, Where people get you or they don’t. New line. See the people who love you hard. Support you always. Accept you. Know you. Love you for better and for worse. New line.…

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From A Broken Heart To A Soft Whisper

The Transition From Loud & Proud To A Slow Moan

Out. Loud and proud. Spruiking from the rooftops. I AM BRAQUEEN. My alter ego gave me the space and the permission to be all of me. Ditched my mind. To follow my gut. I didn’t know what the vision looked like, Looking for the gap. The Gap, the gap always the gap.   I found…

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Words of Salvation

Words of Salvation, self worth, spoken word

… We are taught to put a lid on it. … To nip it in the bud. … To sweep it under the rug. … If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. … Runaway … Answer me when I speak to you. We receive and message and we must…

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Summon My Eagles

Summon the ealges

Clinging onto the yearning for you to love me, Longing for the acknowledgment that you heard me, I’m OK when you’re OK, My happiness rested upon yours, You before me, Watching, waiting from the sidelines longing for my own flock of eagles, May today we rise. Me before we, With power and grace, Integrity and…

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The Cross Pollination Of The Ego & Eco Centric World

cross pollination of the ego and the eco centric world

Most of the population earns a living in non inspiring jobs, live in massive debt that will take a lifetime to pay off, sending kids to schools they can’t really afford, working for someone who thinks money is the driver of the world, that determines success, and there is no real genuine desire to see…

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Women Living Life The Same Way As Men Have Sex.

women doing it like a man.

… Today I want to talk about expectations and just how freaking venomous they are. … Today I want to talk about how women are living their life the same way as men have sex.  … Today I want to talk about how to fight like a woman.  The lack of humility and compassion we…

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One part Warrior, one part Alchemist & a dash on the magical child.

One part Warrior, one part Alchemist & a dash on the magical child.

A warrior that is tired of the war. The battlefield where the fight is over before it has even begun. A war-cry that echoes throughout lifetimes. I am tired. Tired of the fight. Tired of wondering when it’s going to end. Tired of thinking there is only one side. One winner It’s not who fights…

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The Problem With Leadership

My favourite sound is the sound of my own voice. (1)

General Managers mentally masturbate over their own voices. As are their lapdogs. No action that actually backs anything up. Thinking that more layers equal a thriving sector. Too focused on self obsession The who said They said “I did” Too focused on not the best outcome but MY outcome. The north and south. East and…

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In The Pursuit Of Pleasure

Melbourne Business Coach Mentor

The Hedonistic Theory has four sides and it has been developed after a Kundalini awakening. To connect with a deep understanding and integrity for all that we do and whomever we come into contact with. I left home when I was 17 years old, I had $200 in my pocket and big dreams. My first…

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The Hedonistic Theory?

The Hedonistic Theory-

This is about creative freedom Deep honour Divine connections Being seen Heard Wanted Loved Creating a space for us to step fully into our greatness To not rely on other people to cheer us on To be our role model Our own cheerleader   To unite, together as one with love in our hearts and…

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