Let’s Talk About Sex… The Series.

Let's Talk About Sex ... The Series

It’s something that plays such a major part in our lives and yet it’s something we really have to stumble through… including our first orgasm. Now a gazillion orgasms later and many years later I feel that there are important things we can all benefit from. Consider this has your guide to exploring your own…

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Moving Beyond The Righteous & Vanilla Sex

Righteous and vanilla sex, spirituality.

I am going to speak to the things you “shouldn’t” enjoy, but do… We get so caught in all the “should” we forget who we are, what we like and crave, because we are so busy trying to be someone we’re not. Some made up expression of a person we think we should be… The…

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The Unraveling Of Weakness.

Renee Mayne, forgiveness, game changer, global sensation

What if we stop trying so frigging hard? To stop trying to change who we are? I was always the annoying little sister growing up, The sook who cried all the time, happy, sad or angry… always tears. What if it’s all for nothing? Has been a constant fear for a really long time. What…

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Radical Acceptance.

Renee Mayne, cosmic truth, the universal mind

Surrendering to the mystery. We can no longer miss the point. For years we have based our success on how busy we are, Always wishing for the next step, not enjoying this one. Monday, wishing it was Sunday. Wednesday wishing it were Friday. Completely afraid of the what next, Where I am going? What are…

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When Shiva Shines.

Renee Mayne shiva shakti

When Shiva Shines. Shiva leaves the sacred temple and enters the real world. Leaving the serenity of the spiritual cocoon to find himself in this new world order. When Shiva unites with Shakti, Familiar and yet so unfamiliar at the same time. Let me hold you, he says. My wings have been clipped, she says.…

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Changing The Face Of Australia.

Lizzo, sikhvolunteersaustralia, changing the face of australia,

I am really looking forward to the day when media don’t define people by their size, religion, ability, gender or ethnicity. When good news stories of a country uniting to help each other is not headlined by someone or something that is outside a really out-dated box makes news. Than I know we have evolved…

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Code Of Ethics

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Faith is the absence of doubt.

Renee Mayne, Ricci Jane Adams, The Institute For Intuitive Intelligence, Third Level.

I said yes. I didn’t even know why. It was a full bodied yes and I trusted that. Faith is the absence of doubt. I know that the universe gives us one piece and it’s not until we act on that piece then the next one is revealed. I pondered if I was beyond it.…

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Renee Mayne, Hedonistic Queen, The Hedonistic Way, Spoken Word, Speaker,

I can’t spit any more, It’s time to swallow. It’s hard, It’s bitter, And it’s the most courageous thing I can do. It’s tastes like crap, But it will nourish my soul. There’s a part of me that has been ashamed. Ashamed of the answer to the question… What have you been up to? How’s…

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The Ascension Has Begun With Descension

The unraveling and birth. The ascension has begun, and it begun with Descension

This year I have seen the unraveling and birth of the polarities of life. When your identity has been shattered in a way that I would never have imagined.  I let it ALL die. Giving myself full-bodied permission to integrate into my multi dimension self. Giving zero f*cks about what other people think and allowing…

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