The Ascension Has Begun With Descension

The unraveling and birth. The ascension has begun, and it begun with Descension

This year I have seen the unraveling and birth of the polarities of life. When your identity has been shattered in a way that I would never have imagined.  I let it ALL die. Giving myself full-bodied permission to integrate into my multi dimension self. Giving zero f*cks about what other people think and allowing…

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Navigating the narrative.

Renee Mayne, navigating the narrative

Do you ever feel like you’ve come full circle? The moment in time where the quest has brought you to a transcended existential point in your life where you get to revisit the narrative from a new vantage point? There in lies my commitment to my evolution and expansion. Taking solace and enjoyment from being…

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The Change & Evolution Of The Universal Laws.

universal laws, mutable laws, renee mayne, speaker, melbourne, consciousness, spiritual leader

Five years ago I changed the narrative of my business and started really exploring how to serve and show consciously in business and life. Prior to that I was all business, blogging and personal development. The Universal Laws happened to me and it changed everything, e v e r y t h i n g.…

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Love is the sovereignty of debris.

Love Is The Sovereignty Of Debris.

Love is the sovereignty of debris. It has to be. The darkness comes to those who woke, … Who heard the call. To fully appreciate the spectrum of wholeness. We are not finite. We can only be whole when we embrace the entire spectrum. Not pick it up apart and label it as good or…

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When a student is ready the teacher will appear.

When a student is ready the teacher will appear.

… Why then do we question that? … Why then do we feel the need for emotional manipulation (unconsciously or consciously) get someone over the line? … Lead towards pain to take them to pleasure? Every coach, mentor or teacher has a different approach and I can only say what feels in integrity to me……

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Open Letter To The Universe.

I am both a student of the universe and the universe itself. I am.

In deep gratitude to the year of completion. As I bow at the feet of The All, source, spirit, the universe, god and the divine, it is with every inch of my being that I say, “OK, you win. I am to play, dance and sing.” It is from this space of realising that for…

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Ever Wondered WHY It Keeps Happening To You?

Manifesting love, money

It’s a classic story that we have all lived through at some stage. You meet a guy who turns out to be a douche and you break up, pretty soon you’re with another douche? You have a job you really don’t like, so you find another one and in no time at all you end…

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Understanding The Law Of Polarity


  If you imagine every part of your mind, body, thoughts, and actions as well as every thing has a vibration that is like a heartbeat. You send out a frequency and you get back exactly the same frequency you send out. Everything has flow, rhythm. The tide comes in and the tide goes out,…

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Law Of Gender & Understanding It To Manifest…. ANYTHING.

the law of gender

To understand this Law, we must understand it is very different to Gender Equality. Once you understand this, you will have a heighten awareness about everything that IS. In this Law we explore the fact that there is gender in everything and everyone, but we interpret gender as male or female however it is much…

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Overcome Overwhelm, Self Doubt & Feeling Frozen


It’s a clear, concise, step-by-step 90 minute online workshop like you’ve never seen before. At some point in our life we feel trapped, stuck, frazzled and overwhelmed. Sometimes we feel paralysed, like you are literally unable to move. We have all been there, at some stage… more than once. Other times we feel this doubt,…

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