Renee Mayne Imagination

My favourite word when I was a child was IMAGINE. I didn’t know why, I just loved how I felt whenever I saw it. One day it came up in class and I told my Media Studies teacher it was my favourite word, he looked at me strangely and said, “You have a favourite word?”…

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Infinite Intelligence and Holy Rapture.

Renee Mayne, infinite intelligence, holy rapture

I often think about our evolution throughout our lives and how much of it forced. There is a natural evolution that just happens and we’ve become hardwired to fast track it. I think this is becoming very apparent in a lot of teachings that are adapting and pivoting right now. As much as I feel…

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renee mayne

  It really isn’t for the faint-hearted and sometimes I forget that because I live by what I teach. This round of epic Interns are ALL IN and their willingness to go there, surrender and trust are altering everything they touch. This week is Dark Feminine week and it’s a cracker, I could say it’s…

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Becoming Redundant

Renee Mayne, spiritual business mentor, intuitive guide

There is a level of vulnerability that is alive in me today as the serpent energy rises of the Goddess Medusa and eats away at my skin. Showing the world more and more of who I am as I am discovering it and seeing it for myself real-time, loving the part of me that wonders…

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The Dark Mystic You Hide.

renee mayne

There is so much juiciness in our darkness, It’s mysterious, It’s scary, It feels deep and unknown, It feels edgy. I spent such a long time being the good girl I love to feel edgy, mysterious and naughty. It’s fun. I feel like I want to bite, play, explore and prowl the edges of desire…

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Intimacy With Self

Renee Mayne Hedonistic Holy Human

  For so long I wished to be somewhere other than I was, Feeling something other than I was, We’re taught that. When we’re sad we should be happy. When we’re angry we should be calm. How many times have you been told to wipe away your tears and calm down? Just relax. People think…

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Hedonistic holy human renee mayne

How many times can we “uplevel” Ascend. Walk into the light. Force feelings states. Jump over the pond. Put a crystal wand up our snatch and think our entire trauma is gone. Believe any “thing” can get us to where we want to go?   Do we REALLY think of ourselves that POWERLESS? Do we…

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Pleasure WITHOUT Attachment.

Renee Mayne, sexuality embodiment and intuition guide and coach.

I teach Eros and Sensual awakening to busy womxn, usually Mum’s. I teach PLEASURE WITHOUT ATTACHMENT TO ANYTHING AND ANYONE. This is a very different terrain. So often we seek pleasure from external things, places and people. We see our sexuality that is tied up in past trauma and another thing we have to do.…

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Hedonistic Holy Human

Renee Mayne

Living life as a Hedonistic Holy Human is about shattering all the rules. Questioning all of it. I am determined to smash all of it. I will not be a statistic. I chose to rewrite all of it. I don’t have to work “hard” and hustle to build wealth. I don’t have to be my…

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Renee Mayne, Intuitive guidem inttuitive dominatrix, hedonistic way

If you’re someone who values a freedom lifestyle or you’re a portfolio entrepreneur or you lean into the spiritual and heart centred business is easy to give up.   Move on to the next thing, It didn’t happen quickly enough so it wasn’t meant to be, It wasn’t all grace and ease so it’s not…

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