The Accelerator Program To Super Charge Your 2015

Drive is for serious business owners who are ready to have massive growth and increase their income in 2015.


If you’re someone in business who has kids the summer holidays can both excite you and frighten you. There is six weeks where the kids are home and the scenario usually plays out like this…

  1. You take the holidays off to enjoy your kids and go away, only to return to work in February and it takes you a month just to get organised and on top of things. You’re overwhelmed before you’ve even stated.
  2. You take the main days off and work straight through and feel like you haven’t had any down time.
  3. You sort of work and sort of spend time with your kids, but by the end of the holidays you feel like you haven’t achieved any real work or spent any real time with your kids, let alone some downtime.

I have experienced all 3 at different times through out my time as a business owner with kids. It sucks.

There is another way.

You can have your downtime, spend quality time with your kids, enjoy not having the morning rush and still get quality work done that doesn’t take up too much time.


DRIVE the summer series

A 6 week business program that will have you and your business fully organised and already on track to make money before your kids have returned back to school.

We will create 

  • Your lead generation strategy that is guaranteed to bring a continuous flow of quality clients.
  • How you will convert them into paying clients.
  • A creative clever and congruent marketing campaign.
  • We will define your message into a well-crafted strong message that resonates with your market.
  • We will look at which social media platforms will work the best for you.
  • How you can leverage your time and stop spending so much time in your business.

This will take minimal time…. 2 hours a week in fact and however much time you choose to refine and implement what we create. So you can still enjoy your summer, your kids and some much-needed downtime.

How it works:

  • Weekly virtual workshops
  • 6 powerhouse modules to accompany the workshops
  • Unlimited email support
  • Accountability

During our weekly 2 hour workshops you create your own unique campaign, strategy and message with help from me personally. Using a unique combination of my 20 year background in business and my ability to find the gold in your business and offer in way that no one else is doing.

2015 is the year of Abundance, but there are some important factors you need in place for this to happen. It is going to be a year full of change from Facebook algorithms, buying habits and lead generation.

It is crucial that you are on top this and you are prepared for it.

Short time offer




One payment now of $499 and don’t pay again until the New Year. 

 Starts 7th January

Enter your details to work with me personally to accelerate your 2015.

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