Let’s Talk About Sex…. Part 2 .

Let's Talk About Sex ... The Series (1)

This unraveling of my sexuality began to unfold in ways I never would have imagined. Having this open dialogue with my sexuality began to have a profound effect on my entire life, but with ascension there has to be dissension.

You begin to realise just how often you gave yourself to others when you really didn’t want to, how often you’ve been taken advantage of, used and thrown aside… How much shame and suppression you have inside your body, so as we move into this expansion we must speak to the shadow of it because the more equipped you are, the less surprised you’ll be when or if it pops up.

When we open up the floodgates to pleasure, we open it all up baby and that is a beautiful space to be in.

It’s important to know that first and foremost this is your relationship with your sex and thus your responsibility.

There are some rituals you can do when and if things do came up for you and know that if they do, it’s a good thing because it means your ready to surrender it and transmute it.

You can do a yoni steam– Boil some water in a big pot and put your favourite herbs and oils in it. Sit on top of it (far enough away so you don’t burn yourself and ensure the hot pot is one a heat proof surface) and put some beautiful music on, stay there for at least 10 minutes, 20 to 30 minutes is ideal.

Use a Yoni egg these little babies are great for your pelvic floor and to enhance connection to your yoni. They make your orgasm insanely good and this connection has healing properties to help you release what you no longer need.

Meditate: You might want to a Forgiveness meditation or meet your shadow archetype meditation if you feel like you’re stopping yourself from experiencing pleasure.

Self-Pleasure: breast massage, make love to yourself and begin to open up a dialogue with the universe during this ritual. You’ll notice that you’ll receive unfiltered communication with the divine and this gets you out of your head so you can open yourself up to receive. (I’ll go more into self pleasure a little later because this is a big part of meet your sexuality.)

Dance and/or shaking: these two embodiment practices are epic! Shaking if you feel like you have stagnant energy on your body and you want to shake it up and out. Movement (dance) if you want to gently feel into where it is in your body and move with it, feel it and dance with it. I recommend feeling into your maiden archetype and using the Maiden Dancing Eros Spotify playlist for the best music to dance to.

Journal. Write it out and burn it if you have to, but the most important thing is to get it out of your mind and body.

Let’s talk about Self Pleasure.

Self-Pleasure is not masturbation first and foremost, it can result in orgasm or maybe not.

I look at self-pleasure like a meditation, time to connect to my body and the divine. It doesn’t result in less sex; it usually means more sex… so you’re partner doesn’t have to worry! Again, communication is key here.

It can be feeling the water against your body in the shower, it can be rubbing lotion on your body, a breast massage or it can touch, massaging and playing with your vulva.

Presence is key here and you can even explore the orgasm, for example-

You might build the intensity and redistribute the energy when it’s running at an 8/10. You might visualise something that you really want and ask God show you a miracle. You might use that time when the intensity is high to communicate with the universal one mind… There are so many things you can do to manifest, commune and be at one with the infinite, so use your imagination.

Self-pleasure is being kind to yourself and beginning to love your body and yourself as you are… some would say this is the most important spiritual act we can do.

Yoni eggs are great for self-pleasure and connection, you set the intention and insert the yoni egg when your yoni is ready, and from there you can meditate or do pelvic floor exercises. Whatever you like!

This was a major element in my exploration so it’s important to not skim over this one!


Part 3 of the Let’s Talk About Sex Series.