Let’s Talk About Sex… Part 4.

Let's Talk About Sex ... The Series (3)

Creating a multi orgasmic, squirting, electric sacred union is not something that happened over night or even over the course of weeks, it’s been years. The most integral element to this was, it become a place of worship… a worshipping of each other that we explored with no expectation of each other and self-responsibility.

Each piece is just as crucial as the next, being honest with whatever comes up, how you feel and being fully able to sit with all it is such a powerful privilege.

In today’s post I really want to share with you and begin to discover your relationship with your own sexuality.

Let’s unpack that.

In the first post we spoke about limiting beliefs around your sexuality, is anything else coming to the surface?

Some examples of things I’ve heard over the year’s are-

“Living life like it’s one big orgasm sounds exhausting!”

“I can only orgasm when…”

“I just not interested in having sex that often.”

“It’s just not important to me.”

“It hurts.”

I’m sure we’ve all travelled and felt with these comments in some shape or form. It’s really important that we begin to sit with it these beliefs and ask ourselves why?

Where do they come from?

Is it something that I feel ready to let go of?

Rewrite your relationship with it; write new statement that is more in alignment to what you want to call in now.

We need to be really mindful about what we let into our subconscious minds because that determines our reality.

Now lets’ feel into what and who you want call in…

How does she feel?

How does she show up?

What traits does she have?

What are the statements you want to encode into your subconscious?

What does intimacy look and feel like to you?

What are craving for in your relationship and how can you give that to yourself?

Often what we crave for in others is a reflection of what we’re giving or not giving to ourselves…

How we do one thing is how we do everything, remember this unlocks more than just epic orgasms.



Part 5 in the Let’s talk about Sex Series!