Let’s Talk About Sex… Part 5

Let's Talk About Sex ... The Series (4)

My Vow, My promise & My Commitment.

We are not married however, I am not ignorant to the fact we have a soul contract to each other in this lifetime and our sacred union.

In the state of grace, 

I will no longer apologise for who I am,

I will no longer apologise for your discomfort when I share what is true for me in that moment,

Even when I want to, I will remind myself it is for the greater good for both of us.

It’s yours and I am completely unafraid for both of us.

I will always lean in, 

I will not over think, 

I will follow a piece, 

Knowing it will bring me to the next one,

I vow to be whole for me and for you,

Albeit as messy, wild and ugly as that can be sometimes, 

But you’ll know it’s me, 

In my wholeness, 




And always my fierceness. 

Worshipping me, so I can worship you.

I vow to honour this in our sacred union,


It’s time to write yours, whether you are in a relationship or not it doesn’t matter xxx

This is a sacred transmission of your essence and one that will serve you both well. It’s everything that happens outside the bedroom that can ramp it up a gazillion notches.


Part SIX of the Let’s Talk About Sex Series.