Let’s Talk About Sex… Part 6.

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She moves different,

She feels different,

She exudes decadence,

She invokes and amplifies all of it.

She… is you, can you feel her?

This is an unfolding, allow it to be and create space for it, make it a priority.

Today I wanted to share and honour the people and things that supported me in the exploration of my own sexuality.


Is the life force of your sex.

You can enhance, elongate and improve stamina just with your breath. This is a big one because most of us stop breathing, contract and go faster as they approach climax, slow the breath down, always.

Redistribute your breath, as the intensity builds in your yoni or lingam use your breath and breathe the energy into other areas of your body.


Play music to help set the intention and build upon whatever you’re feeling in that moment and what you want to evoke.



Join me in The Rise Of The Intuitive Dominatrix Internship. 

Last time we had a blast and everyone LOVED it.

We will Dismantle every thought, every belief, every bull shit thing we tell ourselves.

  • Your willingness to meet yourself is equal to the quality and depth of what you intuit.
  • Surrendering into submission to rise as a Fem Dom.

Through the upheaval of Power Play and the disruption of power dynamics, we will…

– Meet your inner Dominatrix.

– Why and how to show up as a Dom in everyday life, in everything you do.

– An activation and initiation into your Fem Dom.

Make no mistake, the omnipotence of this is extreme and you’ll watch the magnitude and magnetic ripple effect of this ooze out into everything you touch.

… not to mention so frigging fun!

You must register for this event.


Dancing Eros has played an enormous role in this unfolding, my partner and I joke about how there was life before DE and after DE, and they are very different! I cannot recommend this course enough, it’s life changing.

I have invested in a Lingam massage workshop with Elisa Caro, I was self-taught for a while so it was good to have some “formal” training around this.

I am a certified Dominatrix with the Seven Realm Arts of a Dominatrix, which I highly recommend if you want to explore the world of BDSM, Fem Dom and Kink. It’s really important that you get professional guidance with this, even if you want it for Lifestyle and not professional, because we are playing with, amplifying and suppressing senses and this can be dangerous.

I am also a Third Level Priestess with the Institute For Intuitive Intelligence, now this was more of a by product of the course to be honest. I have used my intuition a lot in play and worked with and as the Intuitive Dominatrix, which has added an element that was completely unexpected and potent still the same.

My friend Amy Towle from Temple of She teaches Yoni massage which is something we will do somewhere along the line.

*I cannot say enough, the ripple effect this has on your entire life.


Your toy box is very subjective to your desires, but I have a variety based on our desires, our love language and how we like to worship each other. Everything we like is below, but go with what feels good for you!

*Side note: go for quality! We have bought some toys from places like Sexy Land, but play is much more exciting when you invest in quality toys.

Your staples. 

Good handcuffs and blindfold.

Nipple clamps.



Shibari; I like hemp rope.

Ball gag.

Wartenberg Wheel



Crystal wands.

Door Hanger.

Vesper Necklace (stimulator) 

Drip Candles.