Moving Beyond The Righteous & Vanilla Sex

Righteous and vanilla sex, spirituality.

I am going to speak to the things you “shouldn’t” enjoy, but do…

We get so caught in all the “should” we forget who we are, what we like and crave, because we are so busy trying to be someone we’re not. Some made up expression of a person we think we should be…

The good Mother, wife, teacher, student… whatever.

Moving beyond the righteous, the props and the jargon.

  • Sex can be vanilla, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Spiritually can be crystals, retreats and green smoothies, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Service can be the grind and hustle, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Self, can be pain and suffering or even vanilla, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here is my prediction, forecast, blueprint, formula and 7 step process I’ll give you for free…

Do whatever the f*ck you want and let that be the sacred act.

That person you follow and look up secretly wondering if they “approve” of you, see you and long for that like, f*ck em’.

OK, so you have to actually f*ck them… but you don’t need their validation, affirmation or confirmation. It’s as addictive as crack cocaine and you’re constantly waiting for the next hit.

The personal development, spiritual development, business development circuit is built on this shit and it’s going to crash, so get it off while you can is my advice.

2020 is the death of old structures.

Now a common misperception is we need to crush the patriarchy, no… no we don’t. What we want to wipe out all men? That’s just ridiculous. Personally I love cock, and what conscious man brings to the world in his healthy masculine I find sexy AF. We just need to dismantle the over inflated, chest out, control freak, emotionally deprived, who’s got the biggest dick contest we’ve seen for thousands of years… Mainly from white men who have been at the top of the food chain and like it up there.

Human to human, ability diverse, people of color, mutual gender equality, sexual orientation, body, beauty… BEYOND the good will gesture and where it is just a part of life and it doesn’t have to make news because it just is.

Spirituality, now you may be a zen mofo who only eats raw vegetables and meditation 23 hours a day, that’s great. But I believe and this is just my humble opinion… we chose a human body for a reason. Human.

Yep, those meek 5 senses we have that we think are less than… those.

We are the most domesticated animals on the planet.

  • If you want to be a raw vegan, great.
  • If you want to eat meat, great.
  • If you want to a drink, great.
  • If you want to have wild sex, go for it.

Neither makes you any more or less enlightened.

Just like that crystal as pretty as it is, isn’t going to bring your angels any closer. #sorrynotsorry

You know what is? Doing the work.

When I say “doing the work” I mean,

– Don’t try to be anyone you’re not.

– Don’t feel like any one path will get you closer to God or the Ferrari.

– Don’t give yourself over to a person that doesn’t see you. *Insert healthy hierarchy.

– A guru who is too far up their own arse to see anyone else isn’t worthy of your time or your respect.

– You don’t wait for Oprah or Branson to give you the go ahead do you? No, because you know that’s never going to happen. So why do we do that to with other people/ experts/ influencers?

Internal. First. Always.

  • Meeting your fear every damn day as Dr Ricci Jane Adams would say.
  • Learn how to cultivate vibrational states.
  • Spend time with the universal one mind.
  • Allow yourself to feel pleasure. (That’s a biggy)
  • Invest in your expansion and evolution.

… there are so many ways to do this, but what it really comes down to and learning to know yourself for the person you are without all the man made life experiences that are an after effect of conditioning, trauma and events.

Explore that person.

Become your own Dominatrix.

Which takes me to the other desires you have that you probably don’t speak about…

Everyone, and I mean everyone has desires that if we were a BBQ with friends we’d all say “what a freak”.

Everyone has an erotic profile and they fall into a category of “kink”.

No one is exempt from it.

Suppressing anything in our bodies is not enlightenment or self control or inhumane or wrong or whatever else we use to justify us not going there.

Just like the good girl- people pleaser really isn’t who you are.

Use your five senses to enjoy life and lean into it.

Use your five senses to slow down and listen to life.

These are not meek or simple things we use for survival, this alone is a portal to expansion.

We need structure, just like we need flow.

We need to take action, just like we need to be still.

We need to play, just like we do work.

We need leadership, just like we do teams.

Everything has a place and as soon as we integrate all of it, the sooner we get enter into the first wave of the hedonistic evolution.