This is the deluxe and super lush experience that will have you fully step up, soaring and sexy AF. You go deep into the Cauldron and the Internship to not only embody and explore the hidden power of you Eros, and how to transcend through pleasure 9 epic temples as you rise as the Intuitive Dominatrix.

  • Meet, embody and integrate 12 archetypes.
  • Learn, embody and integrate 3 mutable laws.
  • Rise as an Intuitive Dominatrix in your life and a submissive to the universe.

As you get super clear, confident and step into your power we will also work side by side creating Soul mission and work in this lifetime. Yep.

  • We create your entire soul led business model.
  • The entire framework and marketing strategy.
  • I will write your about and bio, it’s a fact I write the best intro’s in the universe!
  • We will package and price your offerings.
  • You’ll have oodles of content ready to go.

… Most importantly we will create it all in alignment to how you want to serve and live your life. During this unfurling, I will personally support your subconscious mind and subtle anatomy so this transcendence is sustainable, gentle, honouring and delicious. You get-

  • 9 Temples.
  • 10 one on one sessions.
  • Unlimited Voice support.
  • An amazing business model.
  • Copy ready to go.
  • Marketing sorted.
  • Your about me and bio written for you!
  • Soul support and guidance.

EPIC. Are you ready to go deep and jam with me?

Investment is-

$2888.  Starts 6th October 2020

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