Quality Time Love Language & BDSM

sensual massage, BDSM, love language time

As we explore and deepen into the understanding of how we can bring something beautiful to kink and BDSM to really create sacred play, you’ll begin to feel just how honouring sacred kink can be.

The ultimate act of worship.

To understand the Love Language of time the key thing to remember is quality so no distractions or devices just absolute presence.

Think of anything that is drawn out and something that allows a deep connection to unfold.

Shibari and rope play is amazing for this, it’s devoted time and attention.

Sensory play is also good,

Creating an experience or sequence of play that heighten, edge and build upon the suspense and arousal.

A Dom might plan a sequence of events or things leading up to the play and give snippets or teases as to what is going to unfold…

A Sub will devote time, patience and willingness to the Dom.

Aftercare would be to give them some time, undivided attention to reassure them they are seen and heard. Five minutes of undivided attention is better than an hour and a distracting conversation.



Anything that creates an experience.



shibari love language quality time, BDSM.




sensual massage, BDSM, love language time


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