The Hedonistic Way Online Summit Renee Mayne, Andrew Eggelton, Dani Strong, Anne Aleckton, Jennifer Sheananm Ricci Jane Adams, Keri Norlan, Rosie Rees

  • Interviews with unorthodox Change-makers who are living Stereo Un Typical Success.

    Ambiguous Pillow Talk with Global Thought Leaders who are kicking butt and disrupting the status quo in life and business.

  • How to Build Your Business Without Selling Your Soul.

    Changing the world without selling their soul or changing who they are and their tribe isn’t just a number on a production line.

    We’ll be talking about the actualisation and the transition through doing OK and trying to “make it” to actually “making it”.

  • Congruency In Business & Your Superpowers.

    The online summit is exploring the four elements to The Hedonistic Way and Thought Leaders who have built a business and live by their ethos. As within, so without and embrace what is real.

    Who they are “off stage” is the same as who they are “on stage” and inclusive of all things, all people, and all experiences and have built a business from that space.

    System Disruptors.

    Deeply Authentic Change-makers.

    Badass business owners.

    Outrageously abundant.


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About The Host

Renée is an inspired hedonistic business and leadership alchemist.

The creator of Bra Queen, The Hedonistic Way, the Hedonistic Business Jam’s and two warrior girls.

An avid writer, lover of spoken word, chronic over-sharer and modern day Disruptor.

The Hedonistic Way is exploring how we can utilise and embody self, sex, spirit and service to build our business and create the change we crave to make without selling our soul or conforming to generic business models.

It is the fusion all things we use everyday to create life and enjoy the most practical, real, honest and potent life. The embodiment of our sovereignty and the merge of the divine masculine and divine feminine, to create stereo un typical success and enjoy our business like it’s the most amazing orgasm we’ve ever had.

Using our ability to allow, create and enjoy interconnection and the union of all things is the only way to birth anything and everything.

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