Through The Eyes Of Kink.


Gosh, so much has been happening behind the scenes as I birth the School Of Somatic Kink. It feels like pleasure is oozing out of my fingers as I type.

I am looking forward to sharing it with you!

For now, I want to talk about kink because it is very alive right now,


“Anything that is outside of what society deems as normal.”

That in itself is dumb because what the hell is normal?


Everyone… Like EVERYONE has a kink profile- no one is exempt from this.

And the thing that is missing when we don’t know this is- we are missing out on absolute gold into understanding who we are as people, how we show up to life, where our power lies and where we can trip up and dance with our shadow or false power.

This stuff has been priceless in helping me navigate and continue to meet myself, not just me but everyone I work with, however, I can’t speak for them.


We are being flooded with polarity right now and people are holding on fiercely to their truth and looking at other people who don’t agree in bewilderment.

Now there is a lot I could say about “truth” and “polarity” but I’ll save that for another day.

If every single person has a kink profile it means that they are Dominant or Submissive- some will be Switches (both)

So in a nutshell some people are GETTING OFF (not necessarily sexually, but there is a charge) around being forced into Submission.

Some people will enjoy being “gagged” and bound or at least not be fussed by it.

Some people will be repulsed by it.

The people who have BRAT in their kink profile will be like…. “I’ll do it, but it will be kicking and screaming.”

Some people who are Dominant and have Degrader in the kink profile will be spruiking their extreme distaste for anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

So all the blame, shame, projection, name-calling and judgment will either AROUSE OR REPULSE people.

The people with Exhibitionist in their profile will be HUNGERING for people to see them.

The Experimental will be exploring ALL OPTIONS and tasting all of it.

The Primal Prey and Hunter are embracing their wild right now and running on survival instinct.


You can NEVER force a Dominant to be a Submissive.

It’s not as easy as “You should do this…”

Because our Kink Profiles are literally how we are wired and nothing is going to change that… UNLESS of course, you’re doing “the work” on your Erotic Body.

Erotic Body= the alignment of mind, body and spirit.


Every kink has a beautiful power and a false power, so all we can really do we check ourselves and which one we are operating from.

This level of understanding hopefully gives your mind and body some peace and love it needs and deserves right now.






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