Renée Mayne Intuitive guide Melbourne

This is a profound journey where we work with the science of intuition, the sub conscious mind, the subtle anatomy and archetypal energy to reprogram neural pathways and your subconscious so it’s aligned to your highest good.

It’s pretty spectacular and extremely powerful.

This can be done as a once off or as the beginning of a series of work we do together.

Trust your readiness and openness to this experience and honour the Mystery.

It is powerful and potent.

It’s for you if-

  • You’re feeling blocked or stuck and can’t seem to get back on track.
  • You have past trauma that you feel ready to rewire.
  • You have a history of abuse and you’re ready to step into your full power.
  • You have fear stored in your body and mind.
  • You’re feeling something is “off” in your emotional health, you’re physical body and/ or spiritual well being.
  • You have to big work coming up and you want to be on top of your game and not let anything stand in your way.
  • You feel called to delve deeper into your evolution and expansion.
  • Maybe you have no idea and you just feel called to do this!

Some housekeeping to ensure you have an incredible experience.

  1. Select a time where you won’t be disturbed.
  1. Have to water with you.
  1. Tissues. (optional, but can be handy)
  1. Make sure your phone is on silent.
  1. You have a secure internet connection and headphones.

Please read the disclaimer for your reference and permission.


90 minute session is $297.


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