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Do you believe that things come to us at the divine right time? I do, something I have learnt is to listen to the whispers before they become a big dramatic crisis… It took me YEARS, tears and meltdowns to figure that one out.

What if I told you that you are 3 ½ hours away from the most incredible, life changing and powerful experience you’ve had?

You don’t even have to go anywhere!

What is it worth to you living a freedom lifestyle? To be happy, really happy?

We want the freedom lifestyle and freedom business, BUT the truth is most people will go around in circles trying to capture and create this life, all because they are missing ONE vital step.

To take this journey even deeper and live a freedom lifestyle you must first create EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. This is a skill that EVERY BODY needs to do.

For me personally, doing this process was priceless.

I took one of my friends through this process and she has worked with Obama and helped him win his election as well has several other politicians’ around the world, she has worked with Tony Robbin’s, Frank Kern and heaps of other amazing people, so she’s been around the trap a few times! When she did this the transformation was incredible, but this is what she said.

“DO THIS! Renée Mayne is brilliant.

This is easily the best I’ve invested in a long, long time.

** Highly recommended for anyone who feels stuck, unsure, blocked. ** ”

I am humbled and so grateful by her kind words, but more so that I witnessed her blossom and that probably sounds a bit cheesy, but I really am.

Seriously, give yourself this opportunity and this experience, you will NOT be disappointed and it is now at a heavy discounted price, because from the bottom of my heart I genuinely want you to be happy, really happy. Where you are attracting the most amazing opportunities into your life, love, wealth, health, joy, happiness freedom… whatever YOU want.

THIS 3 PART WORKSHOP SERIES that you get instant access to, takes you through a unique 3 step process that will change your life forever. You get the CORE of who you are and what you want, we release and transmute anything that is blocking you from achieving this… and best of all it is done in a way that is fun, effortless and totally enjoyable. You can get over past trauma without having to “re live” any of it!

I am lifting the lid on the best kept secret in personal development, self help and spirituality.

Why? Because contrary to what we have come to believe, I am really passionate about empowering my students to make their OWN decisions. I am NOT a coach where I tell you to do this, do that and just do what I say… My biggest aim is for my clients to be confident in their journey and they don’t need me anymore! I am going to teach you how to stop looking for external help, guidance, confirmation, affirmation and validation from other people. That is TRUE power and you are a force to be reckoned with!


The first workshop EMERGE is moving you through feeling trapped, stuck, frazzled and overwhelmed. Sometimes we feel paralysed, like you are literally unable to move.

We have all been there, at some stage… more than once. Other times we feel this doubt, this fear creep into our awareness and it floods our emotions to the point where we wonder WHY, why am I here, why am I doing this, am I good enough, will it work, what if I fail… There are also times in our lives where we feel like we’re not being respected, recognised, appreciated and feel rejected.   

You will learn powerful techniques, strategies and tactics delivered in a completely real, raw and practical way. I have just had the biggest frigging breakthrough of all time!


The second workshop is called REBORN which is an out-of-this-world healing and activation, we purify, activate and upgrade your “software” in a way that you don’t have to do anything crazy, you guided through a very real and gentle process where we ignite love, power and wisdom to upgrade into a frequency where you are no longer set of off by old triggers, feelings or emotions. You move into a state where you are living everyday embracing everything with love, compassion and fearlessness.


The third workshop ASCEND we bring it all together as you are guided through processes that raise your vibration and light frequency. You remove any invisible debt that you have been carrying around so you can attract wealth and abundance. You receive templates and techniques that you can use in your everyday life so you NEVER go back to any of the old energy and blocks you have carried for long and are just continuing to BE in a state of love, happiness, abundance and bliss….


  • It’s for anyone, anyone who is ready to move past the threshold and into a new understanding.
  • I don’t care where you’re from or what you do, this will give you a breakthrough into a completely untapped and liberated spaced within yourself.
  • During the workshop you will discover techniques and strategies that you can use yourself, whenever you need them. BUT you will have a MASSIVE transformation and shift DURING the event. I kid you not.
  • I have done every single personal development and self-development “thing” known to man and this was the ONE thing that changed everything.


  1. Self doubt
  2. Lack of confidence
  3. Overwhelm
  4. Feeling stuck, trapped or paralysed.

Discover and transform into

  • A better understanding of yourself
  • Major shifts and breakthroughs
  • Empowerment
  • Super charged life skills
  • Manifest anything and everything you want
  • Overcome any situation

Now I could go on and on, but I have this thing about you trusting and knowing that it’s right for you and I refuse to become a sleazy, pushy or long-winded pitch.

As promised I have discounted this workshop series so they are accessible to everyone!



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