21 DayHedonistic Immersion (4)

For 19 years I have been chasing happiness.

For 22 years I have been absorbed in business.

For nearly 40 years I have been on this earth, asking WHY.

… Life, business, jobs, happiness… chasing a dream.Always hustling for happiness.

Happiness is a fleeting emotion

It’s all about integration, more than that. Honouring that.

You first, others second.

My first five years in business I was lost in hope, passion, dedication and in some ways naivety.

No question, no doubt about if it was going to work. Until it didn’t.

Before business, I was a long time sufferer of the two-year itch.

… No growth, see ya later.

… Bored, see ya later.

… No longer loving it, see ya later.

My thought process: Life is too short and we spend too many hours at work not to be happy.

I see so many green eyed, eager people talking about how life and business can be easy, effortless and if you just “do this, be this, create this” you can be “successful” in no time at all.

How they can live the dream in just a few short years.

And as happy as I was for them and believe that dreams do come true.

I have this thought…

It WILL change.

It will get hard, you will lose the love and you will want to give up.

I am in my last week of my 30’s and if I have learned anything it’s, the ONLY certain thing in life is CHANGE.

Thinking that you can positive think yourself into a dream life is bull shit, it’s lovely thought… but it’s not true.

Life happens, it gets in the way.

You change

Your desires change

Your job will change

Your business will change

All the sales funnels, copywriting, SEO, NLP, life regressions, influence, leverage and surrendering will NOT change that.

  • It’s about your ability to get through it
  • How you show up
  • How you deal with it
  • How you honour the flow
  • It’s having the tools and know how to find the pleasure in that.


How you learn to truly, madly and deeply devote your life to PLEASURE in ALL moments.

Don’t suppress or repress negative thoughts, feelings and fear, but allow them in… welcome them into your emotional body and life. USE THEM, they are there for a reason.

This is for people who KNOW that shit happens and you are ready to find the pleasure in that.

It’s NOT business, it’s not life, it’s not your job… it’s YOU. It’s no one thing, but all things and the common thread… YOU.

On the 3rd July I will be starting a 21 day hedonistic immersion, where you will be guided daily into 3 areas. Each one for 7 days, all designed for your busy lifestyle in mind.

Hedonistic “engaged in the pursuit of pleasure and sensuality. A person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure.”

Week one, Mother.

You will receive a powerful activation that activates your pleasure; it will become your compass. Daily touch points from audio podcasts, meditations, prompts and processes that immerse you fully in your life in the most amazing feminine way.

Think creation, nurture, honour.

Week two, Father.

During these 7 days we rewrite your relationship with your masculine in the juiciest way. Listening to what you really want to be doing and you’ve been putting it off. Direct processes the prime you for inspired action and results.

Week three, Deity.

Deity “a god or goddess of divine statue”

Tapping into and feeling the god within you and without, merging and morphing into oneness with the divine to access the most profound wisdom and a clear vision as to your soul path. You begin to LIVE the bridge, be the bridge and enjoy the bridge. You receive practical process that will help you move back into pleasure in any and all life’s challenge’s.

21 days

  • Full hedonistic immersion
  • Full integration
  • Fully guided
  • Full support
  • Daily touch points, steps, prompts, actions, audio, meditations, activations, teachings or modules.

Delivered in the most easy, effortless and delicious way so you can honour the immersion and the integration and still live your life…. But at the end of the 21 days you will be-

  • Totally attuned to you, your life and your soul path.
  • Enjoy an activated pleasure centre.
  • An infusion of the most sacred agreement and connection.
  • Practical tools to help you at life’s most challenging times.
  • You will feel more in love, blessed and connected to your life.

Your investment…




About me

For 11 years I have been mentoring businesses in funnels, business models, sales to service, packages and deeply authentic business. For 22 years I have managed and owned various businesses and educated myself in the most cutting edge processes, trainings and teachings. It all means nothing unless we have a well-rounded understanding about what it is that is truly at the heart of our “success” in life.

Our ability to soak up, absorb, be and get lost in the pleasure… in all moments, not just the good parts.

The most realistic and on point view towards a hedonistic life.