Hedonistic Business Jam


Are you multi passionate and a little over all the “lessons” and actually what to start and finish a year like a boss?

Super bored with the noise and the fight to be heard VS the LIGHT to be heard?

You love what you do, but you feel like it needs a good shake up?


Authenticity in business doesn’t begin with a strategy or plan.


Join me for an immersion of absolute juicy goodness as we create and shift you into an entirely new realm of business gold, ready to finish and start 2018 on a whole new delightful orgasmic level.


  • Alignment Grid; Away/ Toward Attunement and Activation’s. (These are the most amazing things E V E R.)
  • Core Objective & Message for 2018, N A I L E D. (I am a poetic superstar with this!)
  • The Hedonistic Way funnel & strategies to suit. (Nothing conventional, boring and done to death with this baby)
  • The Hedonistic KISS lead generation outline. (Yep, Om Namah Dak Sham… The Law of Least Effort)
  • The Full Monty outline; complete with all resources, tools, collaborations and time frames in place and on point.


Takes around 5 hours and the exchange and investment is $888.

(Usually $2222)


We meet and create online and one on one.


Secure your spot NOW because spaces are limited. (2018 is tapping at the door!)

This is only available until 22nd Dec.

Email renee@reneemayne.com.au any questions or to set up a time for this a-mazing, value packed, best ever investment for 2018.