Melbourne's Most Enjoyable Networking Event!


I am so honoured that you are reading this.

If you are reading this it means that you have been invited to speak at the Hedonistic Business Jam…. Or you’ve been invited/ recommended/ referred and you want to find out more information about this crazy arse event!

It is like no other business event (that I know of) and everything I have always wanted in one.

The Hedonistic Business Jam is Melbourne’s and possibly Australia’s first Business Jam. It is an infusion of a poetry slam whereby each speaker delivers a spoken word piece or a poetic delivery and there are three rounds.

However there is no competitive element to it and it’s more of a groovy vibe and not a slam down.

The aim is to eventually pay for all the talent, however in the beginning I cannot guarantee this, but we will promo you all over the place 🙂

Melbourne’s First Business Event Empowering Through The Art Of Spoken Word

100% unscripted, improvised and totally tailored to the audience in a Tedx style, spoken word delivery.

The flow…

3 x Audience Questions (selected from each speaker, who they are intuitively guided to selected, Abraham Hicks style)

3 x Poetic Speakers, varying each month.

3 x Improvised answers per question.

… The idea behind it is to deliver a power packed, entertaining and informative night, where the audience will be taken away and then have an inspired conversation/ networking opportunities with like minded business owners, to build relationships and your business.

I have this crazy, unconventional notion that we can create a gangster, underworld and exclusive evening where we are so confident in our craft (speaking, business, life etc) that we can dig deep and deliver a transformational talk/ spoken word without it being scripted in any way. However, you can have multiple talks/ pieces/ stories up your sleeve and in your mind (Like your mental toolbox) that you can draw upon.

The audience determines the topic on the night.

The requirement from the speakers/ performers is quite huge, being that they will be required to deliver a moving, entertaining, Tedx style, spoken word piece… off the cuff of a question they have just been asked… It’s a true surrendering to our craft.

Why would you even WANT to do this?

The caliber of speakers and performers that the Jam is attracting is so high, many “professional speakers” have admitted to not being able to do it.

It is really honing in and enjoying speaking, performing and spoken word before it became a good lead generation strategy 😉

It will become the go to event and carry as much weight as “A Tedx Speaker.”

We will promote you as much as we can and we ask that you share it with your community to really raise the vibration and talent to celebrate this amazing opportunity.

The Rules

  1. Pieces, poems, stories must be of our own construction and/ or experience
  2. The majority of the questions will be business related however there will be a crossover into life I am sure, so you must have experience/ knowledge/ confidence in a wide range of business topics and a hedonistic approach to life.
  3. Any rude, unnecessary or invasive questions will be rejected. (from the audience)
  4. Kindness, humility, respect and trust is to be embodied by/ with the fellow speakers and the audience.

For those who have been invited and you understand the “rules” and you are chomping at the bit to be a part of it, let’s secure a date! (And YAY) Please email me a short and really cool bio along with an image, preferably one of you in action.

For those who were “window shopping” and you want to Jam with us please email a video of you speaking/ performing on stage to