For Soulful business owners and professionals who are hungry, dedicated and ready to infuse the power of creation, connection, the divine and sound business knowledge.

The 5 star ONE-DAY immersion is for those of you who like to get things done, fast and in in the most fun, empowering and profound way.


This hedonistic experience has been carefully, intuitively and well thought through to give you the utmost support, guidance, transformation and up levelling you have been dreaming about… (2)


Every program, healing, coach, workshop and event is designed to lift you up and when you finish or you go home, you flat line. That’s why I have been so diligent in creating and experimenting with this Hedonistic Immersion Day and the concepts I give you, you will be totally 100% independent, empowered with the tools, wisdom and connection to live this life totally aroused and loving your business or “job”. What usually takes months, we do in ONE DAY.

We are tapping into realms and areas that will change your entire life and how you view the world. You will be fully in your power and ready for whatever comes your way.

For a long time resisted, protested and denied that my sessions are beyond conscious business, business coaching, mentoring, intuition or anything “heart centred”. The truth is you are transported into a way of being, with such deep knowing and clarity, such pleasure, such practicality and business accuracy, wisdom and decorum that you lead and live with such zeal, heart and passion.

It’s regal and totally amazing.

I have 22 years experience in leadership, business, personal and professional development, mentoring, spiritual development and multiple healing modalities. 

What to expect

  • Pure alchemy and transmutation
  • The Hedonistic Immersion Day is completely tailored to YOU and unique for everybody and therefore based on YOUR needs, desires, challenges and current life/ business/ professional experience.

We will be drawing on a plethora of modalities, techniques, experiences, resources and guidance to ensure you receive the submersion and the outcome you crave.

You might walk away with a complete, unique and totally epic business model (career model), all the “business stuff” you need, resources, packages, marketing plan, strategies etc… or it might be an attunement, an activation and a soul alignment complete with an action plan moving forward. It might be a mixture…

Whatever it is, it will be epic. Like nothing you have ever experienced.

You will also love yourself like you never have before, even if you have sent eons “working on yourself”. You will be self responsible, cleared of all beliefs or blockages that no longer serve you, all lineages cleared if it needs to be cleared, your home energy on fire, relationships on point and ready to take on the world in the most connected, loving and awesome way.

Who is it for?

  1. You might be starting a business/ job and you know that you have things holding you back that are beyond your control.
  2. You’ve been in business/ job for a while and you’re ready to really recreate your business so it has you feeling orgasmic and loving what you do everyday.
  3. You have a deep desire to make a difference and you want to ensure you have the right foundation and remove any and all blockages.
  4. You feel like you’re standing in our own way and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to fly.

It’s NOT for everyone.

  1. You must be OPEN and ready. Resistance will always come up, but there is resistance and there is closed.
  2. You must be hungry and prepared to commit and invest in yourself.
  3. You must do the work
  4. You must trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be

This is where the reality becomes the fantasy and the fantasy is your reality

This hedonistic experience has been carefully, intuitively and well thought through to give you the utmost support, guidance, transformation and up levelling you have been dreaming about… (1)


Return on investment is RAPID and future growth and income capacity HUGE.




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“You were a catalyst, and impetus for my personal and business development.  You advocated for me, with me. You introduced me to the best part of who I am.  I felt heard, I felt supported and I felt respected.”

- Lynell Rae

"I have loved working with Renee. She is dedicated, gifted and inspiring. I have been able to remould my business into a way that sits better with me and a business that I can be proud of which reflects who I am from the inside out. Thank you for everything Renee."

- Debbie Rossi

"Renee Mayne has been an absolute godsend.  I met her at a time when I was completely overwhelmed knowing in my heart what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be and with my head telling me what I thought I was supposed to do.  Renee not only helped me to take a deep breath, listen to my heart and take that leap but she gave me a practical plan to help build my business and my brand to make me achieve all the things I never thought could be possible.  Renee is there every step of the way not only as a mentor but as a friend.  She is there to share the laughs, the tears, offer practical advice and offer her never ending positive support. I could not have asked for a more special, bright and positive person to share this journey with me."

- Kath Keiper

"When beginning a business, there is so much to take into consideration that it is incredibly easy to lose sight of what is necessary, and what isn't. Very early on in my career, I sought the professional assistance of Renee Mayne. Her e-classes were of a huge benefit to me, and the homework involved was something I looked forward to completing and I was in constant anticipation of the next e-class. 

I completed 2 series of e-classes, but the most invaluable aspect of these were that these e-classes can STILL be used today, each time I complete a set of goals and start new goals. This is such good value, and the guidance is timeless, meaning they can be adapted for each and every goal and strategy you want to implement into your business. Renee Mayne has a passion for wanting to assist business owners in achieving their objectives, and I highly recommend her service to not only those starting out in business, but those who are in the midst of it all and are serious about getting onto and staying on the path to success. When I stopped working with Renee, that's when my business derailed from its objectives. When I started working with Renee again, that's when my business went back on track.

Take ownership of your business the way I did, include Renee in every step of the way - quite literally in my case ;)"

- Susie Sawaya

"This bella has soul, love and so much heart!  She gets creative, stays focused and is helping me to build a solid business foundation one block at a time.  I love her enthusiasm, her guidance and her unwavering support.

She is my personal cheerleader when I'm up and my measuring stick for success when I am sometimes shaky - there encouraging, reminding and inspiring me to reach higher.  My journey with Renee so far has included the enjoyment and benefit of:

  • 110% backing, belief and support in my business and capabilities

  • Tools to help create a solid foundation for my business

  • The steady flow of guidance and focus to help me push through when needed

  • Her generosity through the open two way sharing of contacts to help me progress forward

  • A gentle approach backed by a tireless desire to keep me connected with others she mentors so that we can all learn from each other

  • Regular connection with her in one one one's, group webinar's and lounge room chats

And possibly my most favourite of all

  • I love that she works from her heart space to gain alignment in all that she is doing in order to help me do what I am doing

It's such a pleasure working with her!"

- Lynne Hailes

"After working with Renee for a year, it has become clear the insight and knowledge she has for the industry. What might have seemed like small suggestions to tweak everything from marketing to staff development have turned into invaluable developments not only affecting our bottom line, but also changing the way we think about different areas of our business. She has enhanced the understanding we have of our business, helping us to think more clearly and reach conclusions more quickly on our own. We look forward to continuing our relationship with her, knowing that sitting idol for even a second is not going to achieve the results we expect! Thank you Renee!!"

- Sheena Johnson