This is your daily activation to living life wide awake, living wholeheartedly, making money and touching the lives of others in a meaningful way. To show up everyday and be the happiest person you can be and with love in your heart. It is from this space you can create the most amazing life, whatever that looks like to you.

This process will give you the ability to retrain how you think and feel about yourself and it then becomes a reflection on your experience and how far you have come. To reduce the harshness of how you think and feel about yourself and not look for ways you can do things better, but to begin to feel from your absolute core that you are amazing just the way you are. You have not and can never do anything wrong and we are just dancing through life. You will feel amazing, have clarity, drive and direction. To make the most out of everyday and move beyond a state of “attracting” abundance, love and happiness and into a space where you ARE abundance, love and happiness.


Live Wholeheartedly Activation Journal


You can have the vision and the plan, but without the everyday reminders, rituals and processes you can’t sustain, maintain and raise your light frequency. We need to do the work and raise our light to grow, you need to create the space and keep momentum and flow happening. This journal is designed to be your powerful, practical and very heartfelt way for you to continually stay grounded, connected and be in a love energy. For you to improve how you see yourself and the language you use to describe yourself.

This activation journal is designed to be an ongoing process that you can do to take you through a powerful, enjoyable and therapeutic process to live life wide awake, to be the happiest person you can be.

The idea and aim is to empower you with the “how to” so you are in a space where you have a clear, simple, step by step process of time friendly prompts and rituals. Where you aren’t “managing” stress or your life, blaming, shaming, feeling guilty or anything else that doesn’t serve your highest good. You have emotional freedom and you become fearless to enjoy life and be all you can be.

It has been broken down into three elements: The morning ritual, the evening ritual and a monthly activation.


There are two simple, enjoyable and powerful daily processes for you to do that are guaranteed to guide you to living life to fullest and becoming the happiest person you can be.


Created by a woman (me) who’s life was filled with abuse and violence, I have used these very techniques to transform my life into one that is filled with love, happiness, joy and abundance in every way.

“Practical and powerful are the two things that need to be in everything I do and create. I am not interested in making someone feel good in one short lived moment, I want them to wake up everyday and go to sleep every night happy, fulfilled and know that they are abundant in every way.”

It is a beautiful hardcopy daily activation journal that will become your best friend.

  • A place to set intentions, journal messages/ ideas/ dreams and set up your most divine day.
  • A place to express gratitude, decompress from the day that was and write about everything you did right.
  • Monthly activations to enhance and reconnect with your inner child.

BEST PART: It is NOT bound by time or the calendar year, because your time to start living life wide awake is now. 


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