My workshops are an experience, a journey and something you will never forget. It is my intention with every Mastermind you get exactly what it is you’re looking for and unexpected delights that will inspire you, educate you and transform your entire being.

When I am in, I am in… mind, body and spirit. Soul to soul. That’s how we get such transformational results, not everyone is ready for this level of creating so you will feel it in your heart if this speaks to you.

Most of my clients have been in business for a while and they are either;

  1. Making money, but they are working around the clock or it’s not aligned with who they really are.
  2. They are great at what they do and they have done all the “right” things, yet it’s still not working. Little flow, traction and growth.

All I can say is I just have this unique gift and the ability to create something so incredible; it speaks to your soul and your target audience.

“For as long as I can remember I have always wanted my own business. Something that was mine… For years I had the 2 year itch with every job and I would out grow them time after time. In the beginning my business ruled me as I sought advice from mentors who told me use the same model as everyone else and I did… It worked, my business grew and I made money, but I felt like there was more, like I was more…

After a while I felt like I was a clone and trying to “fit” in with whatever business circle/ people was in at the time. Not to mention I was working around the clock and I was anything but FREE. I made a decision a long time ago and trusted my gut.

I broke away from the mould and created a business that is in complete alignment with WHO I AM, I do business in a way that fuels my soul.

TODAY I meet people for the first time and it’s like we’ve known each other a lifetime… In a way we have  🙂 That’s the people I attract and I am so grateful for it. If you want a business that is an extension of who you are, you want a UNIQUE model and a freedom lifestyle.”



Deeply Authentic Business


“Renee is a fabulous woman to do a workshop with. She is fun, caring, intuitive and insightful. She comes from a place of having successfully marketed her own business and found out for herself what works and what doesn’t. It is a great workshop.”

“Renee is a natural leader and has a huge heart and soul that lights up the room. She provides great ideas and has a very straight forward approach however comes from a space of warmth and love. She is passionate about helping people and her energy is contagious ! Beautiful, inspiring and intelligent.”

“Renee has a deep and meaningful take on business. There is a reason her logo has a heart in it! Her essence is pure and her knowledge is sound. Yet she comes from such an expanded heart space. A truly unique leader in business.” – Suzanna Broughton,

“Anyone seeking to grow their business, or are about to start one or are thinking of starting one, should seriously consider attending this workshop. It will give you direction, clarity and confidence in the fundamentals of your business. Renee will give you the tools that will enable you to empower yourself and to make the choices that are right for you and your business. That’s the secret. You are the one that actually discovers what it is that you want to attract to your business and lifestyle. This workshop is for anyone that is ready to delve deep and discover the secrets of a successful business. Renee has created unique and adaptable tools for self awareness in business.”

“Direction and clarity delivered in a nurturing space…I can not thank Renee and her tribe enough for this mastermind, the support and contacts made…#soveryverygrateful #liveyourlegacy”




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