Looking for a powerful keynote speaker and spoken word artist to guarantee your audience will be taken away and transformed, where you will never be the same again.

The media dubbed Renée as, “Melbourne’s most inspiring, real and moving female speaker.

Experience a LIVE transmission that is guaranteed to move you and awaken your heart and soul.

Renée has crafted the most unique cutting edge and entertaining presentations in the industry. She is a awe-inspiring motivating speaker that touches and transforms the lives of everyone in the room. She speaks on many topics both personally and professionally please read on to find her speaking topics however please know she is more then happy to create something tailored just for you.

International speaker and a conscious entrepreneur

Moments are memorable and Renée provides a performance that you won’t forget. Providing practical, powerful and thought provoking solutions that will inspire them as well as give them strategies they can take home and implement effortlessly.

Business has changed and the new economy is about connection and that starts with self.

“The entire reason WHY I love The Hedonistic Way is because it invites people to really take stock of their own lives and begin to open up to receiving more pleasure. It’s not in the massive moments, it’s all the small ones in between. It’s a choice we make.

THIS opens us up to soften, to speak our truth without being aggressive and name calling or blaming other people.

6 men are committing suicide EVERY DAY in Australia. 
25 women have been murdered in Australia this year. 
82 men call the ambulance because they have suicidal thoughts. 
Mental illness is predicted to become the leading cause of mortality and morbidity globally by 2030.

The Hedonistic Way is the most realistic, sustainable and decadent way of life that goes beyond anything frivolous and unnecessary… quite the contrary.”

She has been described as “Heartfelt, Inspirational
, Passionate, Dynamic, Honest, Real, Refreshing, Knowledgeable, Authentic, Empowering, Compassionate, Spirited and Free Flowing.”

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