Renee Mayne The Hedonistic Evolution

Hey Beautiful!

Having spent the past year fully immersed in my evolution, fully integrating it before opening it up to the

world, the expansion has been epic and humbling. Now it’s time to share it with you!

I love to disrupt the status quo to help women make sense of their existence to initiate them into a new way

being, and connect them to their God self.

It’s for the embodiment, eros and expansion of self so we feel truly alive and significant. Where we are the

centre of our universe to awaken to our power.

To fully own your place in collective consciousness and ready to create a vortex of magick and be the

first wave of unity consciousness Creatrix.

This journey is the ascension of a hedonistic evolution to open you up to a world of no separation and it’s the

end of all pursuits because you are complete in every. single. way.

It’s a sacred temple for womxn who are ready to create in unity consciousness as your God self.

Pretty spectacular!

We will be fusing archetypal energy, consciousness, sacred leadership, sacred sexuality (with

self) and play to transfigure, have reverence and sacred sisterhood.

I am calling in epic womxn who are ready to give themselves over to the cosmos and enjoy this revered remembrance. You will be the early adopter of this body of work and therefore enjoy it at one time cosmically arousing investment of $999 so we can fully anchor this body of work into Mother Earth. (this is 50% off)

We will gather weekly in the evening for 9 weeks in Melbourne, with one full day on a Saturday and we will begin next term w/c 20th April and there will also be a retreat later in the year. (email your interest and you’ll be the first to know!)

If it is something you would love to experience, please honour that knowing and I would LOVE to share it with you. Book in a free chat and you can lean in to feel if it’s a hell yeah or if it’s just a hell yeah, email and we can go from there.

If you have any questions, please

don’t hesitate to ask xxx