Creating A New Line. {poem}

create a new line

New line.

People say “Read between the lines.”

I say, don’t read between the lines.

There is a fine line in the sand,

Where people get you or they don’t.

New line.

See the people who love you hard.

Support you always.

Accept you.

Know you.

Love you for better and for worse.

New line.

You can fuck up and still be right

The story, the guilt around how we see things.

Wounded child.

Inner critic.

External bully.

The bystander


Standing on the line that they didn’t draw.

Spending an entire lifetime trying not to piss people off.

Always nice.

Too nice.

New line.

Awaken the wild woman.

She is inclusive of all things.

Off the rails

Beyond the truth.

You can speak it.

Honour it

But never defend it.

New line.

The unrealistic expectation of wanting everything to be perfect.

Believing that when it’s not, we’ve done something wrong.

Something can be wrong and you can still believe it.

Let go of all blame.

All sense of right and wrong.

Always wanting and striving to get it right.

Striving for right

Will always bring a feeling of wrongness.

That is never conducive to acceptance and presence.

New Line.

You can choose how you see things.

From start to finish.

A race.

A dance.

A fight.

A movie.

You watch a movie when it’s in rewind.

You can’t watch a movie that is in fast forward.

You can fast forward to when they live happily ever after.

But it doesn’t mean the same without the highs and lows.

It is but a chapter in a book.

One scene out of feature film.

A blockbuster.

The future is paused.

Waiting for you to give yourself permission to feel everything.

To surrender the mind and hand over the reins to your body.

Frame by frame.

Waiting for us.

Fast or slow.


Choose slow.

Savour the taste.

Savour the moment.

Savour the touch.

Savour the feeling.

And feel it in your body.

New line.