Manifesting, Magic and Miracles.

Magic, Manifesting and miracles, somatic kink, sensuality, renee mayne, sexuality courses

It is my intention here to debunk, demystify and bring forward a new paradigm in which we see and navigate the idea around the question- Can we create our reality? There is a lot of dogma around whether or not we can create our reality. Most people would lean towards a hell yeah, We have…

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Mutable universal laws, immutable universal laws

WHAT AM I NOT SEEING? Is a question I have opened up to a lot lately especially in the last week. It’s really easy to gather evidence that is in agreeance to that of own line of thought. But what are we not seeing I think it is the real inquiry here. In the past…

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Neo-Spiritual Concepts & The Cosmic Egg

Universal Laws, Natural Laws, Neo- Spiritualism, Somatic Kink

Now a days I am more and more despondent to Neo-spiritual concepts and really honour the origin of where the cosmic egg began. The work of Hermeticism, Carl Jung and Freud are teachings I hold in high esteem, I think their work is brilliant. It goes beyond all religion and cultures which really speaks to…

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Gifts Love Language & BDSM.


As we explore the opportunities to explore and play with Love Languages and Kink it opens up an entire world of fun! Now Gifts as a Love Language is really easy to imagine what you might do, however, why don’t we take it one step further and bring in the element of surprise or back…

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Acts of Service Love Language & BDSM.

This combination is a beautiful way to allow it to spill out beyond play or to bring an act of worship to play. Someone who has acts of service as their love language is all about putting in the time to show your partner that you care for them through action. It can be romantic…

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Through The Eyes Of Kink.


Gosh, so much has been happening behind the scenes as I birth the School Of Somatic Kink. It feels like pleasure is oozing out of my fingers as I type. I am looking forward to sharing it with you! For now, I want to talk about kink because it is very alive right now, WHAT…

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Quality Time Love Language & BDSM

sensual massage, BDSM, love language time

As we explore and deepen into the understanding of how we can bring something beautiful to kink and BDSM to really create sacred play, you’ll begin to feel just how honouring sacred kink can be. The ultimate act of worship. To understand the Love Language of time the key thing to remember is quality so…

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Physical Touch Love Language & BDSM.

sacred kink, bdsm, love languages

Physical touch is a common love language so coupling this with BDSM offers a really sacred experience for any Kinkster or anyone who is just entering into the world of kink and wanting to spice things up. Sacred Kink offers such a deep connection and a spiritual experience that opens up our consciousness where we…

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Words of affirmation Love Language & BDSM.

words of affirmation love language and bdsm and kink profiles

  Entering into BDSM and kink knowing your and your lovers Love Language ups the game BIG TIME. You can enter into deeper, more sacred and fun play when you know each others love language and kink. For those of you with Words of Affirmation as your love language here are some tips on what…

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Allowing Ourselves To Be Fully Seen

Renee Mayne, Intuitive Dominatrix Internship, Somatic Kink,

I don’t set out to be trailblazer or someone who is leading the pack. I’m more of a “Hey, how you doin’?” type of girl. Like a… come jam with me, come play with me… let’s work it together girl. I discovered a long time ago whether it be global brands, start ups, healers, spiritual…

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