Manifesting, Magic and Miracles.

Magic, Manifesting and miracles, somatic kink, sensuality, renee mayne, sexuality courses

It is my intention here to debunk, demystify and bring forward a new paradigm in which we see and navigate the idea around the question- Can we create our reality? There is a lot of dogma around whether or not we can create our reality. Most people would lean towards a hell yeah, We have…

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Mutable universal laws, immutable universal laws

WHAT AM I NOT SEEING? Is a question I have opened up to a lot lately especially in the last week. It’s really easy to gather evidence that is in agreeance to that of own line of thought. But what are we not seeing I think it is the real inquiry here. In the past…

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Neo-Spiritual Concepts & The Cosmic Egg

Universal Laws, Natural Laws, Neo- Spiritualism, Somatic Kink

Now a days I am more and more despondent to Neo-spiritual concepts and really honour the origin of where the cosmic egg began. The work of Hermeticism, Carl Jung and Freud are teachings I hold in high esteem, I think their work is brilliant. It goes beyond all religion and cultures which really speaks to…

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??? We’re Being SOLD a Billion $ Lie???

Renee Mayne, Intuitive Dominatrix, Somatic Kink

Spirituality and S€xuality has been stolen from us and now being sold to us in disjointed, fragmented and diluted half truths. We talk about Sacred Leadership and smashing the patriarch when we’re oblivious to the fact it’s alive within us. The problem is that it’s wrapped up in pretty words, love and light and a…

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The Fantasy & The Reality


There’s the fantasy and then there’s the reality. The points in between are the steps we take to integrate both. Point A and point B formulates a quest. Everything in life connected, We’re a web of consciousness and connectivity, That’s why when we hurt others we hurt ourselves, When we love hard and holy everyone…

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Disrupting the Hierarchal Business Model

Disrupting the Hierarchal Business Model

This week I promised myself I wouldn’t be unafraid to have hard conversations and at the time I didn’t know what that actually meant, now I do. Thalia Kleckin and I had Clubhouse on “Disrupting the Hierarchal Business Model.” I am not an expert in this field, but I have been in business a long…

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My Trauma & Me.

healing trauma and abuse

When I think about my past and how I navigated some really tough situations, experiences and a shit load of trauma. Though I never realised it at the time and now I am thankful in the NOT knowing, because sometimes the more we know the more our fight, flight and freeze kicks into action. The…

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The Shadow Side Personal Development, Self- Help and Spirituality

Renee Mayne, shadow archetypes, somatic kink.

Here’s the thing about Personal Development, Self- Help and Spirituality. You become really good at deluding yourself. We rank certain outcomes and feelings over others, We project and reflect our way into a rabbit warren of never ending healing. We “observe” the behaviour of other people, wrap it in beautiful language that is still shaming…

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When We Deny Self We Automatically Deny Other.

Renee Mayne, somatic kink

Last week in the Temple of the Internship we were talking about when we deny self we automatically deny “other”. A big fat motivator for people is NOT to do it for themselves, but someone else. Myself included. I have been really into co-dependency, independency and interdependency over the last couple of years and looking…

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What Women Want

what women want

Last night we spoke about what women really want in the bedroom. It’s really amazing sometimes how little this is spoken about with men, lovers and couples. Me feeling mediocre in life is really a big driving fear for me TBH. We carry so much shame and presumptions around what is acceptable and “normal”, not…

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