The Gap

The Gap Between Trying To _Make It_ & Actually Making It

When I was 17 I left home with $170 in my pocket, no job, a deadbeat ex, violence and moved to Alice Springs, the red centre of Australia. There is only one way in and out of Alice and that is through the Gap. Alice is the town where outcasts move to, the misfits and the people who want to escape their lives. I was one of those people and yet ended up attracting the same thing I thought I had escaped.

I left Alice 20 years ago and I am forever grateful every experience and memory it gave me. After 21 years of abuse, trauma and hope, I have the most amazing man, two beautiful girls and a business that I love. Not perfect, not even close… but I have love in my heart, courage in my veins and freaking desire to serve this world in the most amazing way.

When I founded Bra Queen 12 years ago, it was the first lingerie blog, it was where I found really feeling alive from inside out can start with lingerie. It’s really not about the lingerie, but the empowerment it gives women… and men. My community grew organically and with ease, now I take my 22 years of business, 16 years of personal and “spiritual” development and I teach The Hedonistic Way.

My community (common-unity) is people who have been in business for a while and doing amazing things, yet not where they want to be… in The Gap.

They are people who are tired of the spiritual prison and another expectation we put on ourselves, let is just wrapped up in good intentions and beautiful words.

Thinking about this, I thought of The Gap in Alice… one way, one way out and we ALL go through the gap of trying to “make it” to actually making it, yet it’s not something that is really broken down and really discussed from people who made it through the gap.

That is my intention, aim and main goal for The Hedonistic Way Online Summit.

To talk about the things that we really want know, and the answers left me speechless.

We go there, nothing is off the table and it is a smorgasbord of profound pleasure and insights to absorb inside.


Inside the Summit a share very candidly about how I went from broken and beaten to bountiful and blissed out.

The Hedonistic Way Online Summit Renee Mayne, Andrew Eggelton, Dani Strong, Anne Aleckton, Jennifer Sheananm Ricci Jane Adams, Keri Norlan, Rosie Rees