Faith is the absence of doubt.

Renee Mayne, Ricci Jane Adams, The Institute For Intuitive Intelligence, Third Level.

I said yes.

I didn’t even know why.

It was a full bodied yes and I trusted that.

Faith is the absence of doubt.

I know that the universe gives us one piece and it’s not until we act on that piece then the next one is revealed.

I pondered if I was beyond it.

People around me questioned my decision.

Committing to the Third Level and that alone for 12 months.

I said yes.

I was looking for something,

Wanting to surround myself with epic people who are committed to the path of service and something that would change my DNA and path forever.

I have a bond with the creator, I felt it the first time we met and knew we would journey together and have journeyed many times before.

There was something that deeply resonated with me about her and I’ve only really just discovered what it was,

  • It wasn’t the amazing structure and framework of how she as respected the Institute by teaching it in a way the same as you would a university degree.
  • It wasn’t the lectures, assignments and required reading that has fried my brain for 6 months.
  • It wasn’t the epic training retreat in Ubud where we learn “The Method”.
  • It wasn’t the epic modules that we learn.
  • It isn’t even the accreditation,


… It was how Ricci Jane Adams shows up.

In this industry, there is so much dogma, spiritual superiority and BS it makes your head spin.

The marketing that floods our feeds and how people judge and talk about other people. (It sticks out like dogs balls once you’re aware of it.)

RJ, has not once spoke ill, disrespected or judge another peer in the industry and that’s what I love.

People preach love and light, dark and mysterious, or whatever and then they shame people for the words they use, things they do or don’t do and quietly or not so quietly slam them.

That is what I love about RJ and the Institute For Intuitive Intelligence.

So I have realised, it’s really not about what we do, but HOW WE DO IT is what matters most.

How we make others feel.

To teach and serve in a way where our community and clients know they’ve done nothing wrong.

Where they are and everything that has happened or not happened is a part of the divine plan.

Show them the possibilities when we step out of our own way.

Radical acceptance of what is.

That empathy and sympathy are lovely qualities, but we cannot serve while in those states.

Compassion, grace and humility are paramount in sacred leadership.

I love how every Priestess who does the Third Level has something that resonates deeply, where the light comes on and it’s the thing they will lead with, whether it be overcoming fear, heart congruence, chakras, channeling, archetypes, immutable laws, intuitive science or ethics.

We’re in the process of building up our hours and experience doing The Method so we can then start being of service.

I didn’t do the Third Level to learn The Method… or so I thought.

Funny how things work out.

Learning The Method in Ubud last year I had high expectations and I wanted it to blow my mind, but honestly I didn’t think it would, because I have done so many courses, programs, events, workshops and experienced a lot.

On day two I wanted to high tail it out there and got slapped with the humility stick, more than once! It took everything I had to surrender and trust that I said yes for a reason, that RJ said yes for a reason.

The ride was intense and brilliant; I came out the other side totally in love with The Method and awe of what I could do. So, deeply grateful that I was not just capable, but really frigging good at doing The Method.


It is truly an amazing process and I cannot wait to do more of them (once I am qualified!)


Renee Mayne, Ricci Jane Adams, Institute For Intuitive Intelligence, Third Level,

Image kudos and respect to Nora Wendel.