Radical Acceptance.

Renee Mayne, cosmic truth, the universal mind

Surrendering to the mystery.

We can no longer miss the point.

For years we have based our success on how busy we are,

Always wishing for the next step, not enjoying this one.

Monday, wishing it was Sunday.

Wednesday wishing it were Friday.

Completely afraid of the what next,

Where I am going?

What are they doing?

What do they think?

What will they think?

When will I get…?




Radical acceptance of what is,

Without the conspiracy,

Wondering what the illuminati are doing…

Without wanting it to be over.

Because that’s what we do, we can’t wait for things that test us to be over.

Every time we do this we MISS THE POINT.

Here’s a little quantum physics lesson for you,

The Hermetic Laws or The Universal Laws that govern EVERYTHING (no one or thing is exempt from this) have both mutable laws and immutable laws, Laws that change and ones that don’t.

The first immutable law is The Law Of Mentalism- there is no such thing as separation and we are of the one mind.
“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.” — The Kybalion.

So as soon as we flip this on its head and surrender to it, the more easeful it becomes.

ME becomes WE.

I, is not you or me… it’s the entire cosmos, the universe and all that is.

Whhhaaattt? Cool right!

Now the mutable laws have been changing before our eyes over the last couple of years, so slowly it’s easy to miss… But I promise you it’s happening baby.

Never has this happened before throughout history.

The Law of Gender– we are seeing gender change with more and more people being gender fluid and non binary. More and more men are beginning to see the importance of embracing their own feminine and vice versa with womxn. The patriarch is being turned on its head!

The Law of Connection- we’ve seen the crumbling of churches and the exposure of the corruption in that has occurred, thus the mass population have turned away from the church and discovering what God is for them…


The Law of Rhythm-

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.“–The Kybalion. 

Whenever we are out of balance compensation MUST take place (another Law), think of a set of old school scales, what happens when everything is on one side?

This is what is happening right NOW the resurrection of The Law of Rhythm!!!

It’s something that HAD to happen in order to awaken us to what is really important.

Need VS Want.

For us to not be so afraid of STILLNESS, in stillness we become ONE and there we are home baby, we are frigging home.

The Law of Polarity- 

This is chance for us to eradicate perceptions, like REALLY…. We have too! The thoughts we think today create our future, we must give this more attention.

The way we choose to see things or our reality is really frigging important.

This is why I love the art of the Fem Dom, because this law crumbles before your eyes and pain becomes pleasure, and it’s in surrender everything we think we know and finding humility and trust, the liberation and ecstasy at this point is mind blowing.

I see this as a time for us to step fully into alignment, scaffold ourselves in complete integrity and ethics, to shatter old thoughts, beliefs and ideas so we can rise as one, we.

Let it be the rise of your inner Dominatrix.