Self Help, Spirituality & Me.


I have been wrapped up in “self help” and spirituality since my friend threw a book at me to stop me nagging her to come with me to the crew bar. (We worked on a cruise ship)

She told me to open it up to a page a page and read it, I did.

I also cried and told her that I feel like she (the author) was talking to me.

From that moment on I have been immersed in the industry.

When I studied the Universal Laws it activated something within me, a remembrance. More so, the mutable Universal Laws is what I keep coming back to time and time again, each time they mean something new…

I have been in Leadership since I was 18 years old; I’ve always just naturally gone there. Not because I can’t take direction, but because I don’t feel threatened by leaders or upper management. The idea of not speaking to someone a certain way or treating them differently genuinely deludes me, it’s something I have never understood. I’ve always been quirky with the way I lead, always doing unorthodox things. I just know that if a person feels recognised, pleasure and thriving they will do amazing things.

I naturally lean into creativity, imagination and honour the art of creating something beautiful.

People are always shocked when they hear me on stage, I often come across as quiet and gentle when I first meet people. On stage I am fierce, the delivery is strong and unwavering. I like that I shock people…

When I am in I am all in, so discernment and boundaries have been something I’ve had to learn.

Sex is something that has always fascinated me, how it makes people squirm, feel uncomfortable and they become coy, I always wonder why…

This was very much a piece that circled back to me, that curiosity was sparked again when I realised that the link between our sexuality and spirituality. Our evolution… how we do one thing is how we do everything. Tell me your sex life and feelings towards sex and I can evaluate your life.

There are things that I have learned, topics that people ask me to speak about at events that I just learned along the way because I had to, blogging, presenting, speaking, selling and copywriting.

There are things that I keep circling back to, self, spirit, service and sex.

I have been fortunate enough to give myself the last 12 months off while I grieved and dealt with my Mum’s passing and I begun studying at the Institute For Intuitive Intelligence. It gave me time to hone it all in, I am not interested in speaking about the things I’ve learned along the way, I am here to speak about the things I keep circling back to!

This time has been invaluable for me to allow this ascension the time, space and depth I needed.

So this next phase is going to be very different, I am still me and in many ways I am allowing myself to be myself in areas I have hold myself back and given you an edited version of myself.

As I finish my time at the Institute it is not lost upon me what we have been through together. I was doing the initiate program at the Institute when I found out Mum had leukemia.

She was coming down here where my life would change forever as my sister and I cared for her in her final stages, my family flew in from around Australia and we had people everywhere as we were discovering that Mum would need full time care for the rest of her life…. Not knowing how long that was going to be but having to prepare ourselves, businesses, partners and kids for it.

I couldn’t keep my business going, I worked only with my clients who I had expectations I wanted to uphold. I made time for the Initiate Program because it helped me put my own shit aside, learn and be there for Mum and guided her back to love and forgiveness. The program allowed me to zoom out and burst into tears and be held when I needed to be held.

I started the Third Level when I was executing her will, it was an extremely stressful, time consuming and tedious experience, it nearly broke me in so many ways. We went through the process of selling Mum’s house and all the other things you have to do, my daughter started High School; my partner got a promotion and started regular interstate travel.

But again, I showed up to Third Level! It kept me going, I was held, supported and loved, head high in books, lectures and modules that blew my mind. In our Bali retreat it is also marked a year since Mum had passed and we had only just signed off and finished my duties, as the Executor of her will.

You don’t know where life is going to take you, but as I prepare to leave this temple and container of the Third Level it is because of the fierce scaffolding, love and constant stretching of who I am, that I found ME.

I rediscovered the how powerful I am, I frigging fierce I am, I am an unapologetic leader with my clients, I am gentle when I need to be and I am everything in between. I LOVE this work and I am good at it!

When you stop and reflect, so much has happened in my life while I have been inside the temple, and yet I am a true example and embodiment that it doesn’t matter what is happening in your reality, you can still serve God, maintain a high a vibration and that suffering is optional.

Self help has become less about self and more about building evidence from the material world about what we can gain, attract and manifest. I want to change that and restore the focus to where it needs to be, on you.


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