3 Practical Ways To Embrace Self Acceptance

embrace self acceptance

Last week we spoke about the two words that changed how I moved through my days and I encouraged you to embrace these two words as well.

Today is the next piece to the puzzle, before we delve into that delicious piece let’s recap on the art of self awareness and why we should embody it.

When you’re reading something, watching something or talking to someone begin to notice how you’re feeling and what your body is telling you. It might be a sudden jolt of fear, uncertainty, anger or pain. It might be a whisper. This is your body and mind telling you that this is not the person you want to be. It’s a flash card, a reminder about who you don’t want to be or become.

It is crucial that you become more of who you really are and who you want to be, surround yourself with the people who make you feel alive, they expand your thinking and bring out the best version of you… they are your people.

Anything else is just a flash card and a reminder to walk away.

The next piece to the puzzle is self acceptance.

Not always so easy when we have been programmed to look at, pin point and focus on everything that is “wrong” with us or not “perfect”.

By being self aware though, we begin to feel how these thoughts and perceptions make us feel and we can change our view from a more loving vantage point. The ability to love all parts of yourself as we are, even the ones that you have viewed as a flaw or weakness.

3 Practical Ways To Embrace Self Acceptance

1. Learn to love your “flaws”.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, absolutely. However, self awareness helps us accept ourselves for who we are- as we are. Honestly, that thing you hate about yourself or you feel is a flaw or weakness? That is, your secret weapon and your most powerful tool in your toolbox. It makes you unique and it can become your best card to play in this game of life.

For example- I was cursed blessed with gigantic breasts and for most of my life I hated them. They make everyday things feel impossible. That frustration led me to creating what was to become Australia’s largest independent lingerie resource. You see, on the other side of anger and frustration is actually passion . I learned to love my boobs and they are a part of who I am.

Another example is for most of my life I felt like I was stupid, I didn’t fit in with how most kids learn. Spelling and grammar are not my forte and people misinterpret and may judge me for that, and that’s OK. I realised that smart has many facets and I am gifted in so many ways that still today leave me both breathless and grateful. This gift allowed me to discover new pathways to learn and I am dedicated to learning, even 22 years after my “education” finished. This, gave me the ability to lead the way and create all of my out of box programs, concepts and mentoring, honouring the diversity in people and how we learn and what is the best way for you to create an amazing life and business.

2. Love what you see in the mirror.

Changing the face of beauty is something I am very passionate about, the self loathing that has sadly become the norm for so many people is horrific. Most of us don’t fully understand the impact that this creates in all areas of our lives.

Don’t yearn for the body you once had, perky breasts, stronger legs or a different nose. You are who you are and that is beautiful, really beautiful. Start to look for things that are amazing and when a negative feeling pops up about yourself, don’t feel guilty, just find a new loving way that you can embrace that part of your body.

Spend some time thinking about how you want to present yourself to the world and if that means finding a stylist, getting botox or signing up for the gym, than do it. It might mean that you need to embrace that scar, that cellulite and those curves. But love yourself as you are and for everything that you are, let your inner beauty shine.

3. Change your perception around “success” and “happiness”.

Life is a game and a journey filled with colour, you are going to experience all shades of light and dark. No one is exempt from that, it is how you respond to it that makes the biggest impact on your life. If you’re feeling sad and want to cry, do it. Don’t look for the reason or the “story” because that will create a drama that doesn’t need to be created.

We don’t need the “story” we need the core feeling and then you can decide what is the best way to respond. Remembering that you’re outside world is a mirror to how you’re feeling internally. Love that. Something that Tony Robbin’s said at an event was “Don’t see things as worse than they are, don’t see things as better than they are, see things AS THEY ARE.”

Success and happiness looks differently to everybody and only you can decide what they look like for you.


All this, determines how you show up in life and in your business, if you want to create a sustainable business that means something… then it starts with being self aware and self acceptance, only then can you create a business that is unique, amazing and abundant.