My Garden Of Eden.

Renee Mayne Fem Dom

If you give yourself a few seconds of melt into any media you’ll soon feel yourself collapse into a feeling of a faithless, fear based existence.

You feel the control and the collapse of everything that gives you hope.

Why I am made to feel like my garden of Eden is evil?

Like I’m the problem, my body, my gender, my story, my choices…

Like the most sacred part of me is the worlds worst profanity?

My origin story wasn’t supposed to be this.

It was supposed to be the beginning of what dreams are made of,

It was supposed to be easy.

Instead, I am talking to my girls about the freedom the speech,

Women’s rights,



Using your voice,

That s*x isn’t a dirty word.

Knowing that I can’t even TYPE IT WITHOUT BEING CENSORED.

And at the same time,

Teaching them to be kind,

To not judge people,

To be all-inclusive,

To have faith,

That everything is always working for us,

Even when it hurts like hell.

Even when we still have to fight for safety.

Even when we still have to explain that our body is ours.

Even when we have to scream that whatever I wear, whatever state I am in IS NOT an invitation for anyone to take ownership of my body, my v*gina or my sovereignty.

All blame is blame.

All hate is hate.

All shame is shame.

All fear is still fear.



And if you like it’s not your problem.




Love is the only answer.