4 Things To Embrace In Your Life For Fulfillment

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Just as the tide comes in, soon enough, it goes out. When we ride the wave and build traction in our lives the more lives to can touch when the wave reaches the shore.

Often we think it’s the big things in our life that changes us, impacts us and fulfills us. I would like to change that, instead embrace and embody the small things everyday that leave you with a knowing, loving smile on our face and the soft feeling of love in our heart.

When did success become gaged by how busy we are?

Those moments of stillness… that is success.

The truth is most people avoid the quiet moments, where their thoughts flow through their mind. Most people don’t address what they are really feeling because they are fearful of what will come up…

Life is full, but it doesn’t need to be chaotic or busy…. There is a big difference.

Let’s talk about 4 things that will take the pressure off and you can start to feel good in any moment.

ONE. Obligation versus responsibility.

There is a big difference, yet we confuse the two.

For example.

I have a responsibility to feed my children, take them to dance and guide them through life.

It is not an obligation, I am not bound by a feeling if “Gah, do I really have to” and I feel like I have no other choice.

An obligation is where we absolutely have a choice, yet we feel like we “should” to please someone else, it’s for his or her benefit not ours.

A responsibility is something we must do; an obligation is a choice we make.

TWO. Pleasure and pressure

Don’t wait for the pain or pressure to outweigh the fear before you seek pleasure. Find the pleasure in everything you do; however minuet it might be. A burst of anger is like a sharp, intense injection of passion… enjoy the passion.

That moment when you are just about to lose your shit at your child, remember the time when you did the same thing.

Pressure is something that builds up over time, it doesn’t happen all at once. That too is a choice. Letting go of the pressure every day is like having a shower on the inside of your body. We need to get rid of the grime and scum otherwise it causes decay.

THREE. Justification and expectations.

There is a difference between defending our truth and taking the time to explain. Oprah says “No is a complete sentence.” And it so is. We feel like we need to wrap up every choice in a nicely wrapped story. We don’t and we shouldn’t.

As soon as we defend our truth, it is no longer our truth. As soon as we justify a thought, an action or a choice, we hand over our power. The undertone of this is the feeling of obligation.

When you take the time to explain, we honour our decision and we can share our vision with the aligned person. It is a responsibility. We trust that there is no defense mechanism, just mutual love and respect. No one is under attack or threat.

Erase all expectations. They come from our headspace and don’t really serve us. Feel into what you would like to experience and feel, raise that frequency and the universe will deliver.

FOUR. The tangible and the intangible.

This is like when you have curly hair, you don’t want it. When don’t have it, you want it. Embrace what is, feel the joy for all the material things you want and deserve, but know they will never complete you. Those things and feelings in your life that you can’t see, you can’t touch but you feel… That is the gold, the magic right there. That’s what matters.


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