A Message To My Child Self

message to inner child

To the younger me, my child self… I would like to tell you this.

I see you

Like really see you

I know now, that back then you didn’t know that.

I know that you were waiting for someone to turn around and see you, like really see you and see you for you were, not for whom they thought you were or should be. 

All this time, I thought I knew, but I bypassed and went straight for the obvious, the safe and the warped-slightly manipulated version of the truth.

I know now, that is wasn’t my truth and I see you now, where you were blocked and waiting…. Waiting for someone to turn around. To see you, get you and love you in a way where you didn’t feel manipulated, used or being used as bait.

Take my hand, and as I bend down on one knee so I can look you in the eye, I see you and I love you. It’s you and I, together and free. Let’s make a pack right now that we no longer have to wait for anyone to turn around and see us, because all we ever have to do is love ourselves, for who we are, as we are… you and I together as one.

I promise to love you unconditionally. Please know that no matter what you do, who you are and what you believe in I will love you for you. Not whom I think you should become.

You will never have to fight for my love, my attention nor my approval because it’s important to me that we follow our heart and do what feels right for us. I will be there to love you, support you and guide you with no judgments.

Please do not change or hide yourself from anyone in fear of what they might say or think because that’s not what life is about. Life is about allowing yourself to live, love and be all you can be. It’s not about what other people think. The people who are worthy of your love and friendship will see you for the radiant light you are. The others will just drift away for they do not have a place in your life.

Let’s live your life with benevolence and we are here to serve and make a difference to the world.  Find our footprint and make our mark in a way that makes us feel good.

No limits, no fear. Let’s do this, let’s dance our dance and be free in every moment… even the ones that challenge us. We’ve got this.


What would you say to the younger you?

Stay tuned for the next open letter to my teenage self….


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