A Message to My Teenage Self

message to teenage self

A Message to My Teenage Self

I wish I could tell you that it gets easier, but it doesn’t.

I wish I could tell you that it doesn’t impact your life, but it does.

I wish I could tell you that everything rolls out exactly how you intended, but it doesn’t.

I can tell you this…

  1. Your fight, your will, your determination and your ability to always get back up and never give up will see you through all of the challenging times.
  2. I know you feel like people think you’re stupid, but you will learn that smart has many facets and you come to realise that you are so smart because you are able to see things differently to most people. It actually becomes your best talent, your most frequently used tool to transform other peoples lives. You used it to transform your own.
  3. People see you as “pretty” but you will soon discover being “pretty” doesn’t even come close to giving you anything that you really want in this lifetime. Show stopping beauty resides within, that is what you radiate the most.
  4. You know how you feel a little shocked when a boy likes you? They like you, because you’re fucking awesome and you should know that. It’s not because you were second prize or because there was no one else. They like you because you are smart, funny, adorable and you deserve nothing but the most divine love. Those guys, who don’t see that, don’t matter because they aren’t worthy of you. Know that for all the douche’s that enter your life, bring you closer to finding the one.
  5. Do what makes you happy and that is all you ever have to focus on.
  6. The fights, the never ending show reel of drama that is happening in your home will continue to play, but you start to play a new record so it no longer affects you like it does now. It’s not yours to own, manage or fix. That will be your biggest lesson in this lifetime, but you learn it and in true Renée style you move through it with love and compassion.
  7. Your friends are lifelong friends and you will enjoy watching your own children play together and that makes you smile with gratitude. They are keepers and you all scramble at times and make mistakes and yes, stuff up more than once. But there is no judgment, just love.
  8. I know you feel lost right now, confused and unsure about your life, I know it’s not happening the way you thought it was going to. You stopped believing after a while… you stopped believing that your success was going to be made available to you with grace and ease. You will believe again and it does unfold into this incredible journey that is filled with ups and downs. Your ability to dream and never stop believing that anything is possible make you an incredibly strong force and everything that is IN you, IS you, because *see point one


What a divine, succulent, gorgeous creature you are…


Make peace with your past and live you’re best life, when you work through your mess it becomes your message.


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