The Temple of Exploration Eros, Permission, Embodiment & Expansion.

The hedonistic evolution is moving beyond polarity and accessing your eternal self.

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The "Official" Bio...

Renée is an unorthodox and freakishly gifted visionary and Intuitive Guide, who leads a hedonistic evolution for womxn who called to disrupt the status quo and make sense of their existence, to be initiated into a new way being, and connect them to their divine self.
A poetic and transformation Speaker, Teacher, Guide, Dominatrix, lover of lingerie and spoken word has been leading in the areas of self, service, spirit and sex for over two decades.
The ascension of this hedonistic evolution opens you up to world of no separation and for the first time in their life it’s the end of all pursuits because they are complete in every. single. way.
A womxn who has had this remembrance will inhabit Heaven wherever she happens to be standing.
The Temple of Exploration Eros, Permission, Embodiment & Expansion.

Hello Beautiful Humxn!

Gosh, I mean that with every inch of my soul.


It’s been the most miraculous ride that has brought me here to this very moment and I am honoured I get to share this moment with you.


Lean in, lean into this moment and let’s set the intention now that it be about you and me…


As I let the waves of gratitude swept over my being, know that tears I have in my eyes, the love I have for you and this moment, brings a soft smile to my lips.


The first thing you’ll want to know about me is, as much as I am blissed out on love and gratitude, I am also filled with one liners that are completely random and often crass.


…And when you least expect it, I’m a fierce warrior that isn’t shy to say it how it is and call you on your shit when you’re holding yourself back.


At the core of my being though this is what illuminates my soul,


Moving beyond the tapestry of time and into a hedonistic evolving consciousness is what I believe to be the most powerful and potent ascension we’ve had yet, encompassing the magic of our bodies, the deliciousness of our humanness, the potency of our sex, being of service and surrendering to self.


Moving beyond gender, polarity and even truth.


Exploring why gender, polarity and truth are mutable and letting go of the belief we have to go from somewhere/thing to somewhere/thing.


This will see The Rise Of The Intuitive Dominatrix and the birth of The Hedonistic Way whereby we are both the student and the teacher.


The living embodiment of our Eros, our soul essence and the most divine expression of humility.


Most of our pain comes from us prying ourselves away from our personality.


There has been a play of trauma that has been unhealed, even though we were born Holy, so it’s only fitting that we use PLAY to transcend beyond it!  Getting over yourself so you can do the work you came here to do. This is not for personal gain; it’s about dissolving power and polarisation so we are ALL free. It’s about cultivating within you that allows you to rise in the most authentic way.


When life, business and everything are the same, no separation.


Feeling polarity so we can dissolve it.  To be a part of the collective and not swayed by it.


An unshakable Intuitive Dominatrix. 


Tell me Beautiful, what’s your jam?


What are feeling now?

Do you want to dive deeper into the work?


Do you want to have me speak on your stage?


Do you want to have my on your show?  


… Maybe, you’re thinking how on earth I got here?


I have worked really hard to get where I am and there is one thing I know and you’ll find it’s at the heart of everything I do…


Healthy Hedonism.


As much as I am a blissed out mofo who is a fierce warrior- who is sharp with her word.


It’s gotta turn me on and light me up.


More than that, I have studied the science of intuition and hedonism is one the highest vibrational states we can cultivate, and the one that we often avoid the most.


That’s me in a nutshell right there really, to go where most people don’t want to go.


To talk about the things that everyone thinks about and don’t say.


To go against conformity, the status quo and create a magical life.


To leave no stone unturned.


After being in the realm of personal, business and spiritual development for over two decades I have seen and been a part of every circuit, junket and hot spot.


I have been mentoring, speaking, blogging and been an Internet marketer for over a decade, not intentionally… that just happened.


Until one day I hit a wall, (OK so I’ve hit many, but this one was a cracker)


I had no words,


No desire,




I had nothing left in my tank. After years of working hard, thousands of articles written, thousands of visitors to my website daily and working with global brands, I had zippo.


All of a sudden it all meant nothing.


I had been hustling for a long time and did lots of cool shit, I’ve been in 5 or 6 different books. I wrote, compiled and self published a book, transformed teams and companies, spoke on international stages, worked with brands that I have looked up to for decades and I’ve been the main presenter on TV Series.


On paper I’d made it!  Inside, I was dying and felt like a failure.


What do you do when meditation, exercising and positive thinking can no longer help you and give you what you need?


This is where the most life-changing element came into my existence.




We do not deny anything; we welcome everything and use it to serve our evolution.


Through this portal we remember.


That thing that most people ignore, overlook and dismiss as unimportant is the very thing that became the biggest gift.


The connection to self became the most important thing on my to do list.


I’ve always had questions like:


Why should we save our best lingerie for special occasions?


Why does the spiritual industry dismiss our humanness like it’s less than?


Why do we put people on pedestals?


Why do we have a personality if we are constantly trying to change or mask who we are?


Why do we know we are all different and yet so scared to be different?


Why do we place so much emphasis on our “upper charkas” like they are more evolved than our lower ones?


Why is sex and nudity such a taboo topic, unless is in jest?


Why do people make others feel shit about themselves just so they buy their product?


Why do so many people yearn to fit in and belong?


Why do people joke about sex so much? Little dicks, big dicks, no stamina, girls are good for one thing, get back in the kitchen…


Things that just didn’t make sense to me, ever.


Why did my parents believe that I was “the one” who was I going to “make it” in our family? They had 5 kids, I’m the 4th girl… I don’t get why they thought I was “the one.”


No one questioned it ever.




I remember asking my Mum when I was little after seeing my Dad naked in the middle of night getting a drink of water, “Why is it OK for boys to see each other naked and not for girls to see boys naked?”  I’d witnessed how Mum, my sisters and I would see each other naked and my brother and Dad would see other, but never all of us.

I thought it was weird, but when I asked Mum why she thought I was a dirty perv and asked if I wanted to see them naked.


I was curious and in that moment filled with shame.


My last dragon to slay was my sexuality.


I’ve always been inquisitive and loved to explore and learn.


I’ve always known things well before it became common knowledge.

My coming home was realising that there is no separation; how we do one thing is how we do everything.

I stumbled across my first orgasm and have been scrambling my way through it from there really.  Without going into every unfolding let’s just say I went from stumbling to a Lifestyle Dominatrix.


Now I know what you’re thinking it’s not your usual progression in your personal growth, and yet it is…


I love working with archetypes,


I love delving into the mutable Universal Laws,


I love dancing with polarity,


I love to push the edge beyond the edge.


Who are you when no one is watching?


Who are you when no one needs you and you don’t need them?


Most people are taught to repress, suppress and bypass emotions, you can’t positive think your way our out of your subconscious. It’s literally impossible.


Not me, I teach you how to allure them into your expansion so you can exactly feel WHOLE.


Discovering my Eros has been my everything!


I am no stranger to adversity.


It was my lifeblood for half of my life.


Often wondering why on earth I chose the life that I did,  WTF was I thinking when I stepped into this lifetime?


In my travels of the world I found myself,


Finding a bunch of misfits that also felt like they didn’t fit in “normal life”,


Yet in this unravelling I wasn’t who I thought I was…


I was nothing special, the world is full of people who felt like I do and yet so unique…


Everyone wants to believe they are more gifted,


More powerful,


More talented,


More connected,




More equalling better.


That’s not the case.


It is available to all of us.


What turns you on and lights you up is different and THAT is the pursuit and path we travel upon.


Getting over myself was the best thing I’ve ever done!


The person who emerged was this person who believed in herself,


Who started to see that the world was so much bigger then I could ever imagine,


That there were many worlds,


Than there was the world within the world.




Who is that person?


That person beyond my personality and the person that other people thought I was…


No longer the victim,


No longer the girl who had endured years of violence abuse.


No longer Mummy’s little girl,


No longer the fierce protector of her…


I remembered this knowing I had when I was little girl,


This desire to change the world,


To do something significant.


I didn’t know how, I knew I would.


For a long time I thought that was about the world knowing my name,


Until I realised that doesn’t even matter,


It’s not about people knowing my name and being on the cover of every magazine.


If that happens, cool… but it’s definitely not a success check in point.


My entire “working life” having been helping people look and feel amazing.


Then I realised it had to come from the inside out, and that started me on this journey.


People came to me for help, usually in their business…


It was rarely about the business.


I changed their life, how they showed up and how they viewed their life.


Some went on to have crazy successful businesses, global brands.


Some have a life and business that works for them,


Some went on to do other things, some stopped and went back to their old job.


I’ve realised it’s not for me to determine their outcome, what is right or wrong.


Whether what I seen for them and what they seem for themselves was the course they would continue to take…


It’s not my judgment to make.


Business isn’t for everyone; some people are born to support others and work for someone else, that’s OK!


It doesn’t changed how you show up to life,  It doesn’t change the fact that you are CEO of your own life.  We cannot judge outcomes as a success or a failure.


They are the same thing…


It’s how we show up to it.


That’s where I am at, I am more focused on you and not controlling the outcome of your soul path… that we cannot control it anyway, but you living with hedonism floating through your veins…


Ummm that’s what I care about.

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