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Become a Dominatrix of your life and a Submissive to the universe.

How to inhabit heaven no matter where you’re standing and what’s going around you. When you’re done being the “good girl”, The people-pleaser, Putting yourself through the Spiritual Olympics trying to master life… When you realise you can’t avoid life and you’ve spent your entire life trying to avoid it, control it and master it… The moment you know that skeleton’s in the closet isn’t going away… And you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere and wondering where you belong… You crave a safe space to land… You are tired of pretending to have your shit altogether and doing everything for everyone else… That when you feel into what you want…  You want to have wild, sacred, soft and epic sex. You want to feel alive in your life as it is and own all of who you are, You want to stop hiding, Pretending that you don’t want to feel and do something amazing in this life. When you’re ready to be cracked wide open and exposed to a realistic, sustainable, honest and decadent exploration of life. The only way to transcend is to be inclusive of yourself, your flaws, your past, your brilliance and your kink.


Trust me, I have been dancing this train for over two decades and I finally feel like I have actually “arrived” at this elusive destination. Only it is nothing like I thought, it usually is right? All the success and happiness in the world is not sustainable unless it gives you deep internal pleasure. Reclaiming our hedonism is the potent, thrilling and powerful portal we can activate. SOMATIC KINK is honouring the stories trapped inside your body, the you inside your body that is craving to be seen. The you, that doesn’t want to work so hard trying to fit into a life that doesn’t even turn you on. It’s meeting yourself in ways that have been dormant for a long time. Using ancient wisdom, universally recognised patterns and the evolution of consciousness to become a Dominatrix of your life and a Submissive to the Universe. There is a parallel that runs through our lives and if left unconscious can cause havoc in our lives to the point where we feel numb to it, lost in it, foreign in it and completely controlled by it. … And not even know it! Meeting and melting into what it means to be Hedonistic, Holy and Human will be the purest, whole and decadent experience you’ve ever had.

But don’t let me tell you, soak up what others have experienced- 

“Thank you Renee for bringing me home to my Intuitive Dominatrix and all the other parts of me who have been disconnected and a little lost in the world. Through the internship I was able to tap into all the parts of me, the light and most importantly the dark that together came together like liquid gold seeping through every cell in my body resulting in a deep sense of ‘Coming Home to Me’. If you have the tiny whisper, nudge or calling to work with Renee and join the Internship, don’t repress it any longer. This experience has been life changing for me on so many levels and this body of work has allowed me to grow, develop and expand in ways I couldn’t of ever imagined. Renee has a beautiful way of mixing theory and intuitive guidance, holding a sacred safe space for you to explore in whatever way works best for you with a sense of freedom but always feeling deeply held.”  “I honestly had no idea what I signed up for, it just felt right! If I had any expectations we exceeded every single one. Being a part of the Intuitive Dominatrix, I feel like I've been embodying the archetypes daily, which has completely broken down the last remnants of BS that I was holding onto. I feel reborn, alive and as though I have completely risen in WHO I BE in every sense of the word. Its awakened parts of me that I'd completely forgotten were present within, I feel whole. Thank you Renee being part of our circle every week reminded me to give to self first, to be present to all of us and even when I resisted I knew it was what I really needed at my core.”  “I had this feeling Renee was going to put me through the washing machine and wring me out to dry lol. And that is what she did, in the most loving and supportive way, having me feel completely held the entire way through. She helped me pull apart the beliefs I had on autopilot that were holding me back and causing me mental and physical pain. I have completely let go of the stuff that was in my way. I no longer feel incomplete or that I need to achieve something or be something to be complete. I learnt to make peace with where I am, and enjoy the deliciousness of each and every moment. I feel like all parts of me have now been heard, and with that, I feel a gentle softness and I feel whole. I highly recommend Renee and her Internship. It will rock your world in the best possible way.”

It is an absolute honour to do this work and one that continually leaves me in awe.

It’s a 9-week journey into the underworld that will rewrite and reunite you with all that you are. It has been carefully designed for you to be held and supported on every level.

  • You are surrounded by incredible women.
  • You have private sessions to support your transcendence.
  • You get access to the most extraordinary and cutting edge Mystical teachings that are usually kept secret.

It is a fusion of the realms and 23 years of experience in spirituality, kink, sexuality, sensuality, consciousness and embodiment.

What it means and how does it feel to be truly witnessed?

Some of the most extraordinary unfolding’s have been in this one element, it is truly the beautiful thing we can do is witness someone in their raw, real and vulnerable truth in that moment.  So much magic and miracles begin from there.




Your Sacred Sovereign Sexuality becomes a life force that ripples throughout everything you do and will end all pursuits.

This cosmic seduction interconnects all that is so you melt into life and let it move through you. Life alters as you flip the lens and drop all the beige and fully own all of who you are as your Hedonistic Holy Humxn, honouring this life with an amplified hunger, ready to devour and delight the world around you.

... You have alluring confidence speaking up and expressing what you want and unafraid of your roar.

... You will know who you are and be unapologetic for it.


The Somatic Kink Experience and the Intuitive Dominatrix Internship run together side by side for the most incredible transformation.


Through the Somatic Kink Experience we work together in private sessions to identify the hidden kinks in your subtle anatomy and sub-conscious that are playing out in your reality in ways that aren’t aligned with what we really want.


If you’ve been doing the work and things still aren’t happening you can bet your bottom dollar it’s the hidden kinks!


Through the Internship you learn ancient wisdom to alter the gaze you see the world, we work with creating sacred union within your physical body, your emotional body and your spirit body.


We meet, embody an integrate archetypes that have been dormant, suppressed and/ or shamed for a long time and reclaim them in their full power.


We play with polarity and you learn how to transcend through pleasure as we activate your eros.


This work is profound and deep, not for the faint hearted but it will be an experience you’ll never forget.


Many have said, “It went beyond all expectations.”


Temple’s are Tuesday evenings 8pm AEST.


If this is right for you, you’ll feel it… You may not know why or even understand, but you’ll feel a pull. Trust that!

Become the Dominatrix of your life and a submissive to the universe!

Intuitive Dominatrix Internship

9 Exquisite Modules.

9 Archetypes

9 Divine Temples

9 Sacred practices, processes and explorations.

3 Mutable Universal Laws

1 extraordinary pleasure pack posted to you.

Potent private session/s to accelerate your expansion.

Infinite Access to the private FB group.

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About Renee Mayne



Can I have Business Mentoring as well?

Yes and I invite you to look at the Mystic Mentoring Immersion, spaces are limited for this and please book in a time to chat about whether or not it's right for you. (link is below)


Do I need to attend every Temple?

Ideally yes, but life happens and so if you miss a Temple you must watch/do the Temple before the next one. Each Temple builds upon that next so this way you can receive the full learning, experience and integration.

Due to the potency of the Internship it’s not uncommon to meet resistance and that is usually when the biggest transformation occurs.


Can I upgrade my private sessions?

Yes, absolutely that is not a problem. Email and we can make that happen. You being fully supported is important to us.

Do we learn BDSM?

Yes and no.

We delve into the archetype of the Dominatrix, the psychology as we explore sexuality and sensuality and the role they play within our lives. You learn power play and how you can use it to dissolve polarity- thus how you can inhabit Heaven no matter what is happening around you.

(I have been known to delve a little deeper.)


How do I know if I am ready?

There are two things you could be experiencing, a hell yes or it might be a… Oh my goodness this scares.

If it is a hell yes, you’re probably not reading this and already signed up!

If the feeling both excites and scares you, that is a good thing… a great thing. You heard the call and followed that whisper, the expansion and unfolding has already begun.

Will this push you, absolutely!

Will you feel uncomfortable at times, yep!

And it will be all worth it. That part of your brain might be saying, you don’t have the time, not right now or whatever… but your heart knows, your soul knows.

This is a deeply honouring, nurturing, beautiful and powerful body of work and one you’ll remember forever.

Do you have questions?

Book in a time if you have questions or would just like to see if we vibe!