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This is truly an extraordinary container that has a scope beyond any one thing.


You will be learning how to become a Dominatrix of your life and a Submissive to the universe.

How to inhabit heaven no matter where you’re standing and what’s going around you.

Chances are you’ve been in the spiritual world and personal development space for a while and know all the concepts, beliefs, thoughts and ideas, yet you still know you’re hiding, you’re lost in life, sexually suppressed, filled with doubt-guilt-shame-unworthiness.

First things first,


You’re not weird or broken or stupid for not being where you want to be.

On the flip side, you’re brilliant.

Perhaps too brilliant because your mind hasn’t caught up with where you’re soul is trying to take you?

Maybe you KNOW and you’ve started to explore your Eros and desire, and you’re hungering to go deeper into meeting this fully expressed, powerful, radiant and life force that you’ve started to taste and see?

We are going to move beyond all the should’s and could’s to expand your vision of self.

Move from a constant state of maniac busyness and chasing after this elusive dream and transcend into a holy rapture of cosmic creation, seduction and the highest state of consciousness available to us.



It really isn’t for the faint hearted and sometimes I forget that because I live by what I teach. 


But I promise you that it is life altering and something you’ll be grateful for forever.

This will be the end of all pursuits, you moulding into a version of yourself that isn’t you and ignite a deep awakening of your Eros that will become your favourite navigation system.


  • You will have an insatiable hunger for life,
  • You will know yourself and remember who you really are,
  • Release everything that has been holding you back,
  • And you wont regret it for a minute.

This is a fusion of Eros, embodiment, exploration, expansion and using the most decadent and cutting edge of body of work designed to fully awaken you into you.


Are you done with the constant pursuit?

Are you done hiding your Eros and sexuality?

Are you done trying to pull yourself out of the wreckage?

Are you done trying to pull yourself up from your knees?

Are you ready to emerge from the spirituality that puts more focus on cards, crystals and wands than on the power you have within you?

Are you ready to stop trying to ignore and forget about what is really alive in you?

Are you ready to actually go beyond all the trivia and crushing down the… whatever and return to place that honours everyone and everything?

Are you ready to find your soul’s deepest wisdom and share and create and live from that current?

The Internship is at the cutting edge and forefront of this teaching and I want you to be a part of it.

All action, service and thoughts are redundant until we do this work.

You will rise like Phoenix from the ashes,
You will be completely unafraid on your path,
You will move trough the world and your day completely different,
You will know how to create in the quantum field,
You will know your deepest soul self.

We will move beyond masculine and feminine and into creator source.

We will go back to dreams and desires of your soul and NOT of material gain.

We will evoke eminence by moving beyond the 3D reality by tuning into the actual current and rhythm of the universe.

Are you ready to come into my arms?

Your Sacred Sovereign Sexuality becomes a life force that ripples throughout everything you do and will end all pursuits.

This cosmic seduction interconnects all that is so you melt into life and let it move through you.

Life alters as you flip the lens and drop all the beige and fully own all of who you are as your Hedonistic Holy Humxn, honouring this life with an amplified hunger, ready to devour and delight the world around you.

... You have alluring confidence speaking up and expressing what you want and unafraid of your roar.

... You will know who you are and be unapologetic for it.

Become the Dominatrix of your life and a submissive to the universe!

Intuitive Dominatrix Internship

9 Exquisite Modules.

9 Archetypes

9 Divine Temples

9 Sacred practices, processes and explorations.

3 Mutable Universal Laws

1 extraordinary pleasure pack posted to you.

Potent private session/s to accelerate your expansion.

Infinite Access to the private FB group.

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Can I have Business Mentoring as well?

Yes and I invite you to look at the Mystic Mentoring Immersion, spaces are limited for this and please book in a time to chat about whether or not it's right for you. (link is below)


Do I need to attend every Temple?

Ideally yes, but life happens and so if you miss a Temple you must watch/do the Temple before the next one. Each Temple builds upon that next so this way you can receive the full learning, experience and integration.

Due to the potency of the Internship it’s not uncommon to meet resistance and that is usually when the biggest transformation occurs.


Can I upgrade my private sessions?

Yes, absolutely that is not a problem. Email renee@reneemayne.com.au and we can make that happen. You being fully supported is important to us.

Do we learn BDSM?

Yes and no.

We delve into the archetype of the Dominatrix, the psychology as we explore sexuality and sensuality and the role they play within our lives. You learn power play and how you can use it to dissolve polarity- thus how you can inhabit Heaven no matter what is happening around you.

(I have been known to delve a little deeper.)


How do I know if I am ready?

There are two things you could be experiencing, a hell yes or it might be a… Oh my goodness this scares.

If it is a hell yes, you’re probably not reading this and already signed up!

If the feeling both excites and scares you, that is a good thing… a great thing. You heard the call and followed that whisper, the expansion and unfolding has already begun.

Will this push you, absolutely!

Will you feel uncomfortable at times, yep!

And it will be all worth it. That part of your brain might be saying, you don’t have the time, not right now or whatever… but your heart knows, your soul knows.

This is a deeply honouring, nurturing, beautiful and powerful body of work and one you’ll remember forever.

Do you have questions?

Book in a time if you have questions or would just like to see if we vibe!