Adjusting The Tick Of Time

Adjusting The Tick Of Time

Tick Tick Tick.

The tears I am tired of shedding,

Tears that I still shed,

Tears and I can no longer shed,

For I am tired.

Tired of the heartbreak.

Tired of the pain.

Tired of the stagnation.

Tired of the gap.

Tick Tick Tick.

The dance between wanting to be seen and not wanting people to be offended or hurt by my truth.

The death between wanting to be seen and not wanting people to be offended or hurt by my truth.

Misguided information,

Manipulated perceptions,

Muted words.

Don’t hate me.

Don’t hurt me.

Don’t hear me.

Don’t hear my words, instead listen to how your body responds when I do.

Don’t fight it.

Just listen to your body’s response,

Lash out, but no it is yours not mine for you to grow and learn and release.

Take a moment and check in before operation freak out, damage control and fight or flight takes place.

Check the fuck in.


It’s not about you it’s FOR you.


Tick Tick Tick

For every word we don’t speak it sends a message to our soul,


Pause future because,





Do something,

Do anything,

Do whatever you need to do to listen to the tick.

The tick of today’s time,

Today thoughts,

Today’s actions,

Today’s intentions.

Tick Tick Tick

Holding space for someone that doesn’t really get you doesn’t allow space for the right person to come along.

If someone doesn’t have the respect to give you their time, energy, space or response they are not your people.

And it’s not you or them,

Just two clocks at different times.

No one can take your tick,

Alter your time,

Change your course,

Take your power,

They can say whatever they like to whomever they like and you cannot control that.

They cannot change a path.

They cannot damage your name, and those you do listen to their tick aren’t for you either.

We have too much noise as there is, so fewer ticks on your field and in tune yours are much nicer to hear.


All the other ticks can float away, because you have more than qualified to manage your own tick.

In fact you’re the only one for the job.

Let all the other ticks travel on their own time.

Tick Tick Tick.