The Art Of Allowing

Art of allowing and the law of attraction

You have the vision, you know who you are and what you want, but how do you make that leap from it all being a vision… a dream and it all being brought to you now.

There is a big difference to knowing, asking and setting a goal to you having everything you want, now.

Sometimes and for a long time you can work so hard towards what you want, yet it just doesn’t feel like the flow, the momentum and the abundance is made available to you. You feel so close, yet so far away. You know, you trust, you believe and you are aligned to it, but it’s still not coming. Why?

It can be so frustrating and it looks like everyone around you is accomplishing their dreams… why aren’t you?

When you hold thoughts so tightly to what you don’t want you pinch off what you do want. Another thing that we can do when we are manifesting, goal setting or creating our bucket lists is we hold them in future tense. Doing this doesn’t allow them to flow into our life now, so what we need to do is get into the art of allowing.

Let the light force flow through us with ease…now. Feel the love behind the words you write and allow them into your life now…feel it, be it, live it.

It is learning to practice the art of allowing and knowing that life is incomplete; we must find pleasure in new ideas that flow when things go wrong because they give us expansion. Everything that has gone wrong and right has brought here to this very moment and it is exactly where you meant to be… feel it. Having the expectation that everything is coming into your life now and you being in perfect alignment to receive it. Allow it to flow and gain momentum as you take aligned action to do fun things that allow you be yourself whole-heartedly. Truth is fear and doubt repels what you want faith attracts it.  When you are feeling flat, feel it, honour it and let it pass by reaching for a better thought and a better action.

Only you can do this, fix this, be this, live this. Only you have the key to your soul.

The question is how do you cross that line where you know your dreams are becoming reality and them becoming reality. I have asked 5 beautiful friends whom I know, love, cherish and respect to give us their answer. Each one has crossed that line and here is how they said they did it.

The super soulful Sarah Prout says,

So crossing the line when you’re making your dreams a reality? Well for me it’s always been about being grateful along the journey. I’ve had so many dreams come true and then this magical reset button gets pushed and you get to create a whole new different set of dreams. Dreams are all about expansion of your consciousness – the finishing line is always moving, always providing you with challenges that get you fired up with inspiration and then we are blessed with the power of hindsight to see how far we’ve come.

The gorgeous enlightened Ingrid Arna says,

Having a dream is easy. Doing the work is the hard part. If you really want your dream to become real you’ve got to commit 100% to yourself and your vision. You have to do the work. You have to breath life into your dreams with steely belief, deliberate action and consistency. That’s the first stage of dream creation – the vision and trust. That’s vital. You’ve got your super clear vision, a divine plan and you can feel the excitement rising in you as you begin to gain momentum. The second stage is when your dreams actually materialise and they being to blossom into tangible reality. The turning point is you’ve cleared all the toxic beliefs that may have been holding you back from stepping into an abundant vortex. The doubt is gone. You’re in doing and receiving mode and no one or nothing is going to stop you. You can’t act in faith one day and then spend the next day freaking out because your dreams aren’t working as fast as you would like them to. No. You have to stay the course. You have stay in your abundant vortex. When you’re in this zone that’s when your energy, mind and habits become magnetic to success. There is no other choice for you but to succeed. You speak and function in alignment with your dream and in doing so you’re dream begins to manifest. You can’t get to this stage unless you’ve cleared your energy field and become the woman (or man) you need to be to truly receive the success you want. You can’t be stuck in doubt, procrastination or the ‘I’m not good enough’ zone if you want your dream to become reality. You’ve got to go for it. You have no time or energy to be doubtful.  You’ve got to give your dreams time. Don’t dissipate your energy when things are going your way. Change direction. Reset. Get a better plan. Find a way. Never back down ever. That’s when the miracles start happening! Always remember that creating your juicy rich wild dreams is 100% an inside job. Own your dream. Own your gift and you will start to see the energy of that belief show you in your life. Awesome

The wise and wonderful Therese Kerr says,

Your dreams become reality when you have courage enough to pursue them, to put the hard work in see them manifesting by way of opportunities that continually present themselves. The universe wants you to be abundant and to support you and opportunities that seem to come from nowhere (when your dreams seem to take on a life of their own) are there for the taking. Awareness as to those opportunities is the key!


The über energetic Sam Mutimer  says,

the turning point when your dreams start to become reality…Everything seems to flow and build momentum quicker and easier than before. You start to be more aware of how to improve, change and strive for more. When your dream becomes reality you live it everyday & feel inspired to keep it growing. People start to comment on how well you’ve done without any announcement from yourself. They see you living it and are happy for you, you are in your zone and then get hungry to grow it further!