5 Ways To Avoid The Energy Zappers

Live everyday like its friday

When you have and run a soulful business, you do not even think about whether it is “full time” because it is an extension of you. The sheer notion of set “work” hours makes me laugh and is non-existent in the entrepreneurial world. Not to mention when someone has a perception of what is big or small in terms of dollars. When you build a business from scratch with no capital or investors just passion, persistence and dedication every sale is significant and meaningful because it comes from love.

It’s important to remember that not everyone you encounter is as present, heart based and awake as we would like. Especially in business! You need to hold the space for them and not judge them because if you don’t hold the space and the energy for them, they will bring you down and insert the same doubt and fear into you.

Now this is tricky no matter how far you are on this conscious living track. At the time you start to feel dense and you can feel your light energy leave your body and it’s replaced with a darker one.

Here are some tips on how to hold the space and keep your energy.

• Set a strong intention that you want to connect with their “higher self”

• When you feel the shift stay heart based and send them love energetically.

• Ask the universe to give you the words you need to connect with them.

• Always keep eye contact so stay connected.

• Detach detach detach

I think it’s normal that we replay these moments in our mind and question ourselves even when you know it’s not yours to carry. Trust, believe and know that it was brought to you for a reason and it’s a good time experience that expansion when you move past it. For every challenge around the corner is expansion and the more you detach from it the quicker you will get there.

So live everyday like it’s Friday! Friday brings detachment as everyone releases the week and they are ready to embrace the weekend. If we can get into a state of detaching every day and live life like it’s Friday everyday, then I think we’re on our way to a crazy happy life.


Finding the freedom in others so you can hold the space is raising everyone’s energy.