Awaiting The Wisdom

Awaiting The Wisdom

Written Purge

Stillness comes

Awaiting the gold to come

No wisdom coming through


Trust the trust

Or turn back my back and go back to safety.

Yes, travels through my body.


There is safety in numbers.

Wrap the safety up in cosmic juices.

Speak your truth.

Write with heart

Me too

Three and four

Time has past

Forgiven and almost forgotten.

Safety first

Safety in numbers Back to basics


Aw man

Time lost

Momentum not gained

Fuck the process

Fallen angel

Broken wings

Help coming

Head down

Bum not up




Send help

I ask for help

Wisdom comes

Purge begins

Turn the page now

Gold comes

Wisdom follows

Trust back

Surrender now

Breathe now

Feel the power now

Feel aroused now

Ready now

I’ve got this now

Bye for now