Awoken Woman

The Awoken Woman Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken not stirred

Standing strong in the storm

Reaching for the light

Seeing the light

Making my way through the gap

Trying to make it

Surrounded in darkness

Leading you to the light

Beyond these walls

That dream beyond the dream

The imaginable

The unthinkable

The dream beyond the dream

I was born with this since birth

This dream leading me to the dream

The walls around me

Reaching for the light

Making my way through the gap towards the light,

The longer travel through the gap, moving towards the light,

The further away it seems.



For the light

Feeling it tantalize my skin

Caress my skin

Giving me hope beyond this wall that is my life.

I reach for my dream feeling lost in the darkness

Reaching for tools to put in my belt to get through the gap.

Imitating my way through the gap.

Copy and paste


My gap

Elongating the gap.

Walls coming in

I can’t move beyond the walls

The light enticing my soul

My soul in my body

The light is in my body

Pushing the walls

Giving myself room to move

A slow groove

The light is shining throughout my body

Making my way through the gap

Dancing to the beat of my own drum

Tools you need

Are here

Guidance in here


Soul in here

The dream no longer out there

But in here

Daydreaming within the dream upon a dream upon the dream

Alive in me

Travelling through what my days

Doing what is real

Honouring what is real

Following this quest is inside me,

Not to fill me up, like I am searching for I am lost.

It’s navigating my way through my feelings and through the light and the dark, What is love

What is fear

Reach for what is the lightest

Transmute what is heavy,

Darkness beyond the light

Beyond this

What is that place

What is that feeling

I know that I am here,

All the answers that I seek cannot be obtained on the World Wide Web,

They cannot be, for the wisdom I seek is only inside me, only I can hear…


When I am standing

Light turn on


Stirred not shaken



Using my feelings as a compass to alignment

As within so without

As above, so below.

See to the depth of my soul as I free fall into the unknown

Completely devoted


Not expecting



With the universe.


Always listening


Not shaken or stirred,

Honouring and listening to my soul in all seasons

The dream beyond the dream is alive and running through me now, I am the dream.

The pain from the separation,

There is no separation that perception in our minds,

You are the dream, the dream is alive within us.

Tools in here

Listen to not any voice

The voice in here


Light attracts light.

Know what is light,

And is heavy,

Reach for what is light

It does not make light right and heavy wrong.

It is but a choice we make at any moment to feel the pleasure beyond the pain.

What is real

Always aligned in here

Feeling alive


Great spirit

We’re one

Travel through me now.

Words travel through me now.

Synchronicity travel through me now.

Money travel through me now.

Miracles travel through me now.

Magic travel through me now.

For we are all one, one light.


The awoken woman.

Forever humble.

Forever loved

Forever serving

Forever listening

Forever fierce

Forever deserving

And oh so worthy

For we are god.


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