Becoming Redundant

Renee Mayne, spiritual business mentor, intuitive guide

There is a level of vulnerability that is alive in me today as the serpent energy rises of the Goddess Medusa and eats away at my skin.

Showing the world more and more of who I am as I am discovering it and seeing it for myself real-time, loving the part of me that wonders why on earth I expose myself in such a way.

Knowing I’ve come too far to stop now,

What if the thing you’re searching for doesn’t exist and even if it did, you don’t need it?

As my skin erodes and I move slowly, with certainty and with a heightened sense of awareness I see you and this cosmic play rolling out before my eyes.

It’s exquisite.

I am no longer subscribing to the illusion that I need more to be more, that any quest of world domination is actually me conforming back into the dream.

Like seriously are we frigging done yet?

As the world continues to get distracted by the noise there is an army of fierce people who were born with the desire the do something significant in their life, (big or small it’s the same thing) and they are still wondering if they can do the thing, if they are qualified enough, smart enough and afraid to be seen, what if I show the world who I really am and I am completely unafraid to be seen and I am humiliated?


We are looking at the world through a lens that doesn’t even exist!

We want the gold standard and we get it and it’s still not enough?

We still haven’t arrived on this pathless path and not showing up?

Trying to force feeling states and raise our vibe so high so we can get more shit we don’t need.


Can we not see how we are still missing the frigging point?


As we enter back into the world forcing, faking and fucking with the universe thinking we have any control of it we are delusional.

Building empires based on hierarchy is still playing in patriarchal playground and you’re screaming freedom when you’re still behind bars.

Get your head out of your arse because what this world requires is a rebellious act of pure reform in the most radical way.


“Spiritual” Business models need to be built on the basis that “we” become redundant, that means that if this ISN’T happening in everything we offer you’re not congruent and that’s an issue.


My work in this world is to lead people into a paradigm that I believe does not exist yet. It’s one where you end ALL pursuits, you allow all conditioning and conforming to fall away, you create a pathless path of service where you help others awaken into the dream and whereby you make yourself redundant because you’ve given your clients everything they need… and what is that?


How to transcend through pleasure.

How to make love to life.

How to listen to universe and not bark orders at it.

How to met the parts of yourself you didn’t even know existed.

How to surrender all truth.

How to listen to your body talk.

How to open yourself up to receive.

How to feel so turned on by life.

How to open yourself up to epic orgasms.

How to create potent, deep and sacred relationships.

How to be so unapologetic in who you are.

How to never hide for yourself and others.

How to continually show up in the most decadent way.

To know that you are enough and worthy and need for NO THING.



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