The most dangerous men are the ones that think they have no prejudice against womxn.

Womxn have prejudice against womxn.

It requires a constant unpacking and the overly defensive sensitive responses are testament to that.

This. This offering of words is for womxn and for the men who have the genuine desire to evolve.

I’m tired…

I’m tired of womxn hiding behind their kids as an excuse to not show up and do the work they really want to do.

I’m tired that womxn feel like they HAVE TO!

I’m tired of womxn being the recipients of positions as a goodwill gesture of tokenism.

I’m tired womxn hating on womxn.

I’m tired of womxn who are passionate being labeled as hard work.

I’m tired of mainstream media not giving this airtime.

I’m tired of womxn being gagged or remaining silent because the pain of abuse is too great.

I’m tired of womxn remaining silent about abuse for their entire lives and pretending they’re OK, yet have walls up around their hearts so they don’t get hurt.

I’m tired of the expectation that womxn cook, clean and do the majority of the parenting.

I’m tired that womxn still don’t speak up and when we do people squirm.





…And I am afraid.


I am afraid that not enough men care enough to change.

I am afraid that not enough women will speak up and fight.

I am afraid that if I stop talking, nothing will change.

Then I remember, I cannot change the world and I don’t have too.

I just need to do me.

We Know The Stats.

Do you want to know the residue that abuse leaves?

Be it physical, sexual or psychological.

  • The inability to orgasm.
  • Shame around speaking up and guilt around desire.
  • Libido evaporates.
  • Suppressed anger and rage.
  • Conditional love. (This can look like many things and often veiled with a big smile)
  • Your Eros feels like a cool room… Frozen.

There is a moment in time (hopefully) when the abuse stops and you’re done with being the token woman in your job.

You either expand into all of who you are and start opening yourself up for more or you continue to survive and be that token woman.

The Stat.


This is the point where we need to delve into our sub consciousness mind and reprogram every single belief that we have stored in there so we can really begin to shift our reality and create the life we really want to live.

Otherwise the abuse continues, it might be with a different person but the relationship is the same.

You might have another job, but you are still the token woman who doesn’t get taken seriously.

There is a myriad of ways we can go about rewiring our sub consciousness but I can only speak of what I am trained and certified in.



Getting to a point where with every inch of your soul you want to alter this reality is really important, because you will be unwavering in your evolution even when it hurts.

Don’t underestimate the power of making a full-bodied “Hell Yeah” decision; sending this signal to your mind and body is the most powerful first step you can take.

There is no other option.



90% of our brain is our sub conscious- meaning we are completely unaware of what’s in there.

The 10% that we actually use… feeds that 90%.

There is a basement of our mind that is like that place where no one ever goes and it’s filled with junk you didn’t even know you had or you forgot that you had it.

… That 90% creates your reality. Scary ay?

We need to access our sub conscious and start a process of meeting and releasing the things we have stored in there that are no longer serving us and the decision we made when we chose us.

This is done with a series of epic sessions or journey’s an Intuitive Guide takes you on by entering into the Quantum Field and using our non local intuition.



Like your sub conscious mind our subtle anatomy has a memory and these memories that we are often unaware of can cause harm to our physical bodies, emotional health and general well being.

Identifying where these things are stored and releasing them is crucial in you changing your reality and moving beyond being a stat, a number or a token.



It’s really easy to do the above two elements and think you’re done, and you’d be kind of right. You’ll start to feel amazing and shifts will happen.

However embodiment is grounding this into the body for a dramatic long-term shift in somatic expansion. This creates a permanent shift and by continuing this embodiment we expand your nervous system so you can continue to grow and evolve beyond your wildest imagination.

We can cognitively know anything; embodiment is allowing it to penetrate into every crevice and fiber of our body so it’s present in everything we do.



Now you’d really be forgiven if you thought it stopped at the above three!

I see our Eros as allowing ourselves to fully awaken and take full ownership and unleash all our who we are, where it’s all welcome.

This is a life force that is the most empowering and liberating energy we can welcome in. You know a woman who has activated and is in tune to her Eros… she is powerful, graceful, fierce, soft, playful, purposeful and magnetic. She looks free and liberated in the most all-encompassing decadent way.

Your Eros allows us to live an amplified existence, you speak and people listen… even though you don’t care if they hear or not. Humility is deep within your bones. You welcome in whatever life brings. You create in unity consciousness.

Pleasure and hedonism is a self fulfilled honouring that comes from within, determined by your own love, acceptance and worshipping of self. It’s devotion where we use all of who we are and tap into our neural pathways sending signals to our nervous system. From there we see the interconnection and fusion of our mind, body, soul and spirit.

When we do this we unite and align our womb, our heart, our voice and our intuition where is experience an *integrated consciousness.

When we EMBODY this, we anchor and ground ourselves (all of who we are) into our body. When we do this we release emotional trauma, ancestral wounds and alter thought patterns and attune them into ones that are all encompassing, self-loving and honouring. We become equip to tune into our innate wisdom, have clarity and certainty.


Now… NOW… You get to live, create, move and enjoy your Mystical & Magical Self!


Let me serve you.