Today everything is bountiful breathtaking and beautiful


Benevolent, love inspired, passion fuelled rockets of desire of bountiful joy.

Today I look at my path and while I cannot see the entire path I know the journey starts with taking the first step for I see that very clearly. Sometimes I jump over the path, avoid the path, love the path, hate the path, fear the path, skip along the path but I am on it in full swing. When I look at the sun I say thank you for energising me, nurturing me and helping me on my path. I give you love and energy and you give me love and energy it’s a mutual exchange and one that I cherish.

When I walk I want to feel the air on my skin, the sun in my eyes and I absorb the breathtaking beauty that life brings us as I appreciate how lucky I am.

I am the path, you are the path and together we can run, walk, skip and at times crawl, but we are moving forward in a way that we have never done before…

I know that the universe brings me benevolent divine love and abundance as I launch my rockets of desire so I can change the world and inspire people to live life wide awake.