Longing to make a difference to world, yet you feel like you’re not being seen-

This is for the super connected, the one who wants to live your idea of paradise and you want to make a mark on the world.


Your level of understanding runs deeps and your out of the box thinking is powerful, magical even.

This level of understanding and connectedness makes you so powerful and gifted in business, but sometimes you feel like you’re not being seen and the last thing you want to do is feel like you’re selling out in order to be seen and build traction within your business.

I see you. I feel you. I get you.

It’s important to you that you’re speaking your truth and being honest with yourself. It can be really difficult for you as someone who is authentic in your business and it’s easy to be triggered by other people’s “success”. The ones who seem to be getting traction and flow while they’re not speaking their truth and being authentic in business…. That can be tough to watch and what you dislike even more, is that you care and that does trigger you. Don’t feel any guilt or shame around that feeling, it’s because you do care and making a mark on the world is so important to you, don’t ever apologise for that.

Love that you care.

Here are some things that are important for you to understand so you can live your version of paradise and leave a mark on the world.

  1. Surround yourself with people who expand your thinking and your heart. Your success is your ability to implement and take action on your ideas… you have so many!
  2. Ensure that you are explaining “you”, your service, your product and your business in a way that people can easily understand. Take the time to explain these things in your marketing message.
  3. As much as you dislike “marketing” and “selling”, this can be your kryptonite. Change your perception around sales and marketing, because it’s really about you connecting with people and you’re brilliant at that. Focus on connecting and explaining, it will take the stress out it and you will feel much more authentic. Find ways to connect through creating and you won’t feel like you’re selling your soul or your freedom.
  4. If you’re feeling “stuck” in your business, you need to look at your business model and make sure it’s aligned with you. I know you may not like the word “structure”, think about the flow and framework that will help create a more streamline and seamless flow within your business.
  5. If you’re feeling drained by your marketing or you’re not getting the results you want to be getting, start to look at and notice the language and promises you’re making to your audience. You might be making too many promises or not enough, feel into whether or not they are too sales-y or you’re adding to much information or value so it’s making your message cloudy.




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