Business Can Be Both Lucrative & Soulful

infinite flow and elegant business

Why in the world would you own a business?

My whole life this is what I have always wanted, to own my own business.

I really don’t know why, it was this strong message in my heart that I can make a difference.

When you do your market research, your business plans and everything else you need to do. You read all of the material and as much as they say ‘There are little to no rewards in the beginning’ you say ‘That’s Ok, I know and that’s fine’.

Then you open and it feels like FINALLY! We’re here.

Reality: No you’re not!

You haven’t even started. The fun starts here!

Now you have to make sales, marketing, networking, promotions, accounting, and orders and it goes on and on and on.

So the excitement and adrenalin soon becomes stress, fatigue, and exhaustion. The smile lines turn into frown lines because you know what ‘There are little to no rewards in the beginning’

The time, dedication, consistency, motivation and the passion it takes consumes you. It’s what you live it’s what you breathe! It’s the first thing you think about in the morning and last thing you about at night and if that’s not enough


Then something happens…that moment where that shift occurs!

It’s not what is on the other side; it’s about the journey, it’s the right here what’s in front of you that matters.

So you STOP!

You realise that your ‘job’ will never be done. There will always be something that needs improving, fixing or updating. You and your business is constantly evolving and YOU need to enjoy the process and trust the process and know that everything that has gone wrong and right has brought you here to this very moment right here and right now.

When you realise that from the bottom of your heart this is what you live and breathe. This is not a job this is an extension of who you are, this is your way of making a difference.

This is not about working your arse off all year round for a 2-week holiday every year. This is about creating a life that elevates your success and illuminates your life.

This is about creating a soulful success business.

It’s the cycle of once you go home nothing will change unless you take action, it’s more then just you and I doing our thing. It’s about what we can give and what we can create to serve and improve the life of others. We can create universal oneness and enjoy infinite wisdom and divine possibilities.

Right now let us speak of infinite wisdom…

There are 5 universal laws that will raise your influence and create a global impact to absolute abundance and soul satisfying joy.

Every moment, every choice, every step and every action is a piece to puzzle that has brought us to right here, right now.

8 years ago I started to see a real shift in business, the economy started to change and social media was building real traction and possibility. I have been talking about the new economy and old economy for years but something that has only really been brought to life and something that we are beginning to experience is this powerful new age, this new energy that elevates us to whole new frequency of infinite wisdom and divine possibility.

Do you feel that? The shift? Now some people and businesses won’t get it just yet and that’s OK because those of you who have awakened to this sense of global, universal oneness of possibility will lead the way so everyone else will start the move…

Soul satisfying blissful business that is an extension of who you are and you’re way to make an impact on the world.

Business can be both lucrative and soulful. And what I love most about this is it can easy, effortless and deliberate.

I am a conscious entrepreneur and a business mentor who has this natural ability and unique gift to teach people how to create, structure and have a business the is in complete alignment to them but it is also smart, savvy and strategic and totally unique to you.

The Rise Of Influence is really exciting!

I have 20 spaces in my program AWAKE, the universal laws to a soulful successful business so if this resonates with you, if you feel this then I am awake and ready to serve you.